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30 Nov 2006
A lot has been rumoured during the last hours about the possibility of a new signing in Deportivo. More precisely, it has been commented that Depor is searching for a new striker in the winter market. Sportpaper <i>AS</i> has revealed the names of three candidates that are currently playing in Spain, while <i>Depor Sport</i> wrote that the club is studying three options in Argentina.

According to AS, president Lendoiro is convinced that the striker that Caparr??s needs is currently playing in Spain, and for that reason he has been searching in Segunda for the right candidate. Three names have been mentioned by the Madrilian paper as the main possibilities: Braulio, Llorente and Bueno. The first two are the top scoring leaders in Segunda, and the last one is a youngster that impressed with Spain's U-20 squad. The following is a small description of these three players:

1- Braulio: (21) This young striker belongs to Atl?Štico Madrid, but he is currently playing in UD Salamanca. He only participated during 39 minutes in the first three matches, but after he scored his first goal against Almer?­a, he gained a place in the starting eleven. So far Braulio has scored eight goals and has played 896 minutes in 14 matches, a mark that puts him in second place in the table for the Pichichi trophy in Segunda. His impressive performance has also helped Salamanca to reach the third place in the table. One of the latest reports informs that Arsenal is also interested in the striker.

It was rumoured that Deportivo and Atl?Štico have reached an agreement in order to transfer the player, but Salamanca has blocked the operation since they still have a loan contract until June with the Madrilan club. Braulio himself said to reporters that he doesn't want to be transferred: "I am enjoying my phase in Salamanca and I don't need a transfer. I have to return in June to Atl?Štico, but you never know what could happen. For the moment, I only want to enjoy my current career in Salamanca."

Apparently the rumour started to flow after the apperance of a report that was informing about a conversation between Joaqu?­n Caparr??s and Juanma L??pez -the agent of Braulio. But the same Caparr??s explained that he isn't interested in the player: "Braulio? it sounds like the name of a singer from my times as a teenager (he laughs). I didn't talk with that player, I just talked with his agent, who by the way represents other players in Deportivo. Our scouts are working in order to find a striker, but we will not give any name."

2- Joseba Llorente: (27) This veteran has been playing in Valladolid during the past three seasons. He scored 28 goals in the last two campaigns and he is the current Pichichi in Segunda with 10 goals in 14 matches. The striker has almost scored half of the goals conquered by Valladolid (24). Llorente has been a regular in the lineups, in fact, he has only missed 24 minutes on the pitch. Llorente has been described as a striker that dominates the aerial game and that also has a good control over the ball.

3- Alberto Bueno: (18) Maybe one of the main dreams of Lendoiro and Caparr??s. This young promise scored the two goals in the U-20 European final between Spain and Scotland. He belongs to Real Madrid B, but he hasn't enjoyed too many occasions in the squad. So far the youngster has only performed for 359 minutes in Segunda and has scored only one goal. Bueno has only started in two of the twelve matches in which he has participated.

Meanwhile, Depor Sport wrote that the club is searching for a striker in Argentina. Three names were given as candidates: Mariano Pavone, Bergessio and Marco Rub?Šn. These three strikers have a EU-passport. The following is a small description of them:

1- Mariano Pavone: (24) Maybe the most familiar name on this list. He has great experience in Argentina and has been with Estudiantes de La Plata during the last three tournaments. He scored 16 goals in Torneo Clasura 2005 and was near to breaking the record of Mart?­n Palermo for a single tournament (20 goals in 19 matches). He continued to impress during the torneo Aperuta 2006, scoring 8 goals in 15 matches plus 3 assists, a mark that has helped Estudiantes to reach the second place in the table, only surpassed by Boca Juniors.  Pavone has been described as a forward that dominates the aerial game and that possess the quality to make shots from long-distance.

2- Gonzalo Bergessio (22). This young striker was playing in Platense (second division) at the beginning of the year 2005, but then he was signed by Instituto de C??rdoba and made the jump to Primera. He played 35 games with the squad and scored six goals. Although his mark of goal wasn't impressing, the youngster called the attention of other clubs like Racing and San Lorenzo. After Instituto got relegated, Bergessio was transferred to Racing Club for the torneo Apertura 2006, so far he has scored five goals in 15 matches. He has been described as a powerful striker with a good physical condition.

3- Marco Gast??n Rub?Šn (20): Another youngster that has impressed during the Torneo Apertura 2006 (7 goals in 14 matches). He arrived to Rosario Central during the year 2005 and so far, he has scored 18 goals in 43 games in first division. His best quality is the capacity to elude the rivals. It has been speculated that Liverpool and Bordeaux are also interested in him.

The possible exit of Duscher and De Guzm??n during the winter window would open a space for Rub?Šn de La Red (23). The young midfielder has said that he will like to come to Depor because he wants to play in Primera. But a new possibility has appeared for him: Getafe.

The president of that club, Angel Torres, has said that the arrival of Gago to Real Madrid will give his club a new opportunity to sign De la Red: "Maybe they will let him go now that they are near to signing Gago. We had an agreement for the midfielder in June, but it wasn't possible, we should ask Mijatovic about it. I can only say that we wanted four players from Real Madrid B. One ended in Atl?Štico Madrid (Jurado), other went to Pamplona (Soldado), the other is in Deportivo (Arbeloa) and the last one is currently in Real Madrid (De La Red)."

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