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17 Oct 2016
A plan that didnít work and the lack of punch were main factors that paved the way to a new defeat in liga. Bruno Gama remains out of shape, while Lux was criticized once again.

The six notes from the game Vs. Barcelona:

1- The plan didnít work: It was a surprise to see coach Gaizka Garitano using a 4-3-3 figure as he has only trained the 4-2-3-1 and the 5-4-1 before. The trivote at midfield was planned in order to block the passing game of Barca and the output of the ball, but it simply didnít work.

And it didnít work because the three centre midfielders barely held the ball. Neymar touched the ball in 101 opportunities, while Mosquera was the man with more touches at Depor with the half of that mark (54). In the end the Catalans had a 71% ball possession and didnít face any problem to practice their passing game. The coach said after the game that his team didnít face any tactical problem, but the true is that the tactic simply failed.

2- Bruno Gama missing in action: Once again Bruno Gama demonstrated that he is a shadow of the player that left the team a couple of years ago. Without any presence on the wings he only touched the ball in 17 opportunities before been replaced at minute 62. Depor are lacking game and depth on the wings and one of the reasons is the poor form of the Portuguese.

3- Lux and the saves: Deportivo had only conceded six goals before this game, but the impression is that it is a soft team as it concedes goals easily, and a lot of this has to do with German Lux. The fans criticize him for not making too many saves and for failing in important moments, like in the first goal of Barcelona, but the true is that the Argentine is the sixth goalie with more saves at Primera (21), only behind AdŠn (38), Ochoa (32), Diego Lůpez (29), Javi Varas (26) and Pacheco (25). Perhaps it is an illusion, like the two good saves before AlcŠcer when the score was already 4-0.

4- Scoreless on the road: Perhaps the most worrying thing from the game at the Camp Nou is the lack of punch. Truly itís almost impossible to get something positive playing against FC Barcelona, but Depor were harmless in attack, to the point of not completing any shot on target. And it is something already seen before with the team playing away from the Riazor; actually the Galicians represent the only team at Primera that hasnít scored yet any goal playing in this condition.

5- Bad calls by the referee: The referee cannot be blamed for the defeat, but it influenced in the result. Within minutes 36 & 38 he didnít want to send off Luis SuŠrez for a clear aggression over Arribas, then he allowed the second goal in a play that should have been ruled out for an offside. Later, in the second half, he showed a direct red card to Laure for a play that was almost identical to the one of the Uruguayan attacker.

6- Messi, the executioner of Depor: Lionel Messi scored the fourth goal in the game after only a few minutes on the pitch, he seems to love to score against the Galicians and the numbers prove it. He has netted 17 times against Deportivo, thatís the highest number for any player facing Los Blanquiazules at the elite.



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