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17 Oct 2016
Depor’s coach is convinced that all the teams suffer at the Camp Nou, but also criticized the lack of punch in attack. The players believe the result won’t affect the preparation of the derby.

Coach Gaizka Garitano said that his team wasn’t surprised by the formation of Barca with three centre-backs, “We were expecting to see them playing with three and we didn’t have tactical problems in the game, what happens is that they are superior and the major part of the teams suffer this. We needed a good version by us and it wasn’t like that. Later, with ten men, the goal is to end the game standing up and not with more than four goals. It was the only thing left.”

The Basque man was criticizing his team for the lack of punch in attack, “We have many problems there. We stole the ball upfront, but the true is that we are too naïve within the last meters, at the moment of making the last decisions. It was necessary to score, usually we are more solid and today we weren’t like that, so we are leaving with the defeat.”

“We were fine until the first goal, but they have a lot of quality and you need to harm them in attack. Once you are 1-0 you need to harm the rival, because if not then the goals arrive and they have a lot of quality.” He added.

He denied the idea that the heavy loss will affect the preparation of the derby, “We lost 4-0 and starting tomorrow we need to prepare the derby, which is a very important game to us. It happened to us what happens to the 90% of teams that come here. We had other intentions, but it wasn’t possible. It cannot harm us as it happens to anyone else. It screws us, because we don’t like to lose, especially with this result, but the derby is already in our heads.”

Finally, Garitano didn’t want to talk of the referee after some polemic calls that affected the Galicians, “I have an opinion, but we have lost 4-0, so I cannot talk of the referee. When you lose 4-0 you don’t have the power to do it.”

German Lux commented that, “We need to turn the page, we knew of the difficulty of the match. I believe we were fine until the first goal. It was a pity as the ball passed under my body. Since that point it was more difficult. We need to continue working, looking ahead. The derby is coming.”

The Argentine goalie also denied that Depor have offensive problems, “We cannot be mad about it, neither can be obsessed. We need to continue working. This match should be pulled outside, because we were creating chances before. We didn’t concede so many before. The other day we scored twice and won. We were in an ascending line, but need to continue working.”

Celso Borges commented that, “The game was developed in one way, after scoring their goals. Things were uphill, you can always find positive things, because I believe the attitude of the team was correct. You can only run until the end. The team didn’t abandon hope.”

He neither is worried for the lack of goal, “It isn’t a detail that creates worry and that that brings anxiety.  It neither is something to skip. There are a lot of things that need to be fixed, we are preparing the games to have this. Let’s hope we can find the goals that can help us to win the games on the road.”

Luisinho said that the referee’s errors had nothing to with the result, “The referee was wrong, but failed for both sides. Not only yesterday, but also in past games and at home. He is the one in command on the field and we have to obey, though sometimes you feel inferior.”

The Portuguese left-back doesn’t think that this result will affect the preparation of the derby, “We also lost against Leganés and later we responded against Atlético. In that sense, I don’t think there will be a problem. It is a derby and we have to win it.”

At FC Barcelona, coach Luis Enrique was satisfied with the victory, "Winning against Deportivo was the perfect way to head into the Manchester City game, we generated many scoring opportunities and pressed well."
He also rested importance to the lack of goals by Alcácer, "When a striker joins a new team he has to score as soon as possible as it becomes good practice for them. Today he was unlucky, I am not worried as he had the chances. He scores a lot in the trainings and surely will do it in the games.”



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