21 Oct 2016
Emre Colak conceded an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia, The Turkish player talked of his adaptation to A CoruŮa and his first minutes with Deportivo.

Q: How has been the integration?
A: Much better than I expected. In my country we find it hard to leave. It may be because we are not used to speak several languages like elsewhere. Perhaps it has also to do with the roots that we have with the family. Or because of the economic situation, the players are equally well paid than abroad, but our purchasing power is higher. Anyway, we donít get out much. And, for my part, I was afraid. Very afraid. It was the first time I was leaving my family. I didnít know what I was going to find. And I must admit I'm very happy. People are very friendly, I donít feel foreign. In A CoruŮa I am a one more Turk. [He laughs].

Q: What has influenced in your adaptation?
A: Various factors. I'm from Ordu, a coastal city in northern Turkey, which is a lot like Galicia. It has sea and lots of green. So, acclimatization has been easy. As for the people, the same. The whole city is much like the Turks, they are very affectionate. Then, inside the changing room, I also found a lot of support. And I say that I feel very happy, much better than I had imagined.

Q: Why Deportivo?
A: I must tell you that, one of the main responsible for being here is Jose Rodriguez. He showed me pictures of A CoruŮa and he spoke highly of the club. He said this was like a family, also that I shouldnít think it twice. Here it would be great. I have to thank him. In addition, I searched the Internet for photos and information. I knew the club, because itís historical, but not the city. And I loved it. About Deportivo, something that always caught my attention is that the stadium has a flag of Turkey. In my country it is very loved. When we speak of Depor, you get a smile from us.

Q: Have your life changed much?
A: No, because I never was a person of going out too much. The only thing that I donít do is going shopping with my family. For the rest, I was always a person that stays at home. I neither have much time. In the mornings I train and in the evenings I always sleep two hours. Then I'm with my friends Ata, Batu and Rodi, with whom I spent many hours playing games, I eat rice with lobster...

Q: You joked before that in A CoruŮa you feel more Turkish. Did you know that the people of the city are known like that?
A: I knew about the flag, but I never knew very well the reasons. Now that I got here I looked for it, and although it isnít clear to me, it makes me laugh and I love to be called Turks.

Q: On Sunday, at BalaŪdos, you may hear it. There will be a lot of pressure.
A: I'm used to the pressure in these matches. The league my country is very hot too. So, if in Vigo they call me Turkish, surely it will amuse me. Itís a joy to see the fans of Celta calling us Turks [he laughs].

Q: Though you signed for three years, you always talked about that Depor could be a springboard to become known. Do you still think so?
A: I've never said or thought it. And since I'm in A CoruŮa, less. My head is not going through leaving before the end of the contract. I am so happy that I just want to play and be here for a long time. Next week I start Spanish classes. I already had two, but from next week I will do it more often.

Q: How do you understand the partners if you donít speak Spanish?
A: I speak a little English and it is useful, but itís difficult too. So, I want to have as many classes as possible.

Q: How did you live those first matchdays without playing?
A: Well, bad. I came here to play, to accumulate minutes and grow. Donít get me wrong. The coach decides. But if you donít play, then I feel sad. But I kept working and now I've got it.

Q: In the first few weeks were you aware that the fans wanted you as a starter?
A: Yes. My friends translated me the newspapers and what was said on the radio and on television. And the true is that I can only thank the people that supported without knowing me.

Q: And you responded with football.
A: Yes, but I still have a lot to give. I donít want to stop being modest, but at Depor I havenít given yet the level I think I have. I notice that at Galatasaray I didnít have much continuity and so I'm still putting it all in.

Q: And to achieve this high performance, is your position the playmakerís role?
A: I'll say it, like all players, that as long as I play wherever the coach says. But yes. Where I feel fine is there. In Turkey I played more delayed and I adapt to it, but better as a playmaker and at the centre. If I have to fall to one wing, I prefer the right.

Q: Closer to the goal and scoring goals.
A: Yes, but donít think that I like to score. Of course, I like it, but I am as happy as if I make an assist to a teammate.

Q: With whom do you have a better understanding on the field?
A: With Pedro Mosquera and Celso Borges. They are two great players and I'm very comfortable with them on the field.

Q: How do you see this Depor?
A: I think we have a great squad and we have to aspire to be as high as possible. The first objective is the permanence, because in recent years we have suffered, but I think we shouldnít suffer so much this season.



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