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23 Oct 2016
Depor’s coach analysed the offensive problems of his team and avoided to discuss about who is the favourite in the game. Celta’ manager is optimistic after the solid game of his team playing in the Europa League.

Gaizka Garitano conceded his press conference on Saturday’s noon. He talked to reporters for twelve minutes. He said that it doesn’t matter who is the favourite and expects to break the negative record on the road. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Andone: “He is fine and has trained normally. He is wilful and trains at the top. He had some issues and for that reason he didn’t train for a couple of weeks. Today he trained without problems.”

Twenty players in the roster: “Since it’s a short trip we are traveling with a few more men, just in case there’s a last-minute problem. We will decide tomorrow taking in mind the feelings. For the problems we had during the week we are traveling with twenty men.”

Environment before the derby: “I believe we trained at the top, we are aware that there are three points at stake, so it’s a normal game, though evidently we are conscious of the importance of the match. We know it’s a game in which there is more than three points. I see hope among the players and the fans, we are eager and will try to do a good game in order to win.”

Favourite for the derby: “I don’t care, you haven’t won anything if you are favourite. When the game begins, it is the moment to demonstrate things. The pitch puts you in your place.”

Freshness at Celta: “I don’t think they will be affected by the European game. The team coming out will surely be a new one. They rested players.”

Away goals: “It is a need. It isn’t an obsession, but we haven’t scored away from home and we need to score, though truly two of the games already played took place at stadiums where it’s difficult to score, not only for us, but for the rest. Clearly it is a need for us to score goals.”

Key for the derby: “We need to improve in defence in order to be closer to score and win. We worked all week long and hopefully we will see the results. We worked the keys in the video room, but we need to make a good game, which is important in order to win.”

Celta: “Defensively it’s probably the only team in Spain that puts personal marks, we must have this in mind and know how to counteract it. I see that they are fine, after eight games you have to see with whom they have played, as example we have played at Barcelona and Atlético, matches that are impossible for anyone. And Celta have played three of these games: Barcelona, Atlético and Real Madrid, the three big ones. I see Celta as good as last season, and if they don’t have the same number of points it is because they already played against the teams that usually win everything.”

Comparison between the absence of Lucas and Nolito: “Without any doubt we are missing more Lucas.”

Message to the fans: “We have to give things to the fans, not to ask them. The other day, against Sporting, they supported us and moved us to win the game within the last twenty minutes. We thank them and want to win tomorrow to see the people in A Coruña smiling.”

Babel: “He is ready to be a starter.”

Álex Bergantiños: “We are content with Álex, but as I told you the other day, he plays in the zone of the field where we have more players. We cannot play with four pivotes, we usually play with two. I haven’t counted with him so far, but it can change at any moment.”

Eduardo Berizzo conceded his press conference on Saturday’s noon. He doesn’t believe that there’s a favourite for the derby and is convinced that his Celta improved after the game with AFC Ajax. The following is a summary of the thing he said:

Radoja: “He is fine. I believe this is his peak, he is in a great level, both physically and his playing level, so he is available to play three games in a row.”

Playing style: “The emotional balance has a big weight in an important game like this one. We don’t need to be above and neither below the line to play good football.  We need to be precise in a tactical sense and with our passing style we need to be accurate. “

Deportivo: We will face a team that defends well, they play well in the counterattack, with good wingers and a very technical playmaker. It’s a team that seizes the opportunities, so we have to pass the ball with criterion. I don’t know if their plan is to be defending, they also like to take the ball away from the rival, their midfielders pushes the pressure. We will have to avoid it, and if we find a Deportivo that’s defending then to have the patience and open them with drilling passes.”

Lack of goal at Depor: “We need to be cautious with the bad passes. You don’t foresee this data at the moment of preparing the game; actually, it worries me now.”

Playing on Thursday against Ajax: “Sometimes the tension is concentrated when you have too many days before a game, it generates more tension. Thursday’s game was good, it was enlightening for us, the double comeback, to get the ball before a great team like Ajax, it spokes greatly of the team and leaves positive things that we didn’t have before the game due to the rotations. Maybe the attention was focused in other game, but as the hours pass the tension grows.”
The favourite for the derby: “Before an important game like a derby I believe there are no favourites, in other words you have to ratify on the field the initial impressions. The theory before a game, the fact of assuming a role and other stuff, must be coherent with what you will do on the field.”

Is Depor missing the most Lucas, or is Celta with Nolito? “That’s difficult to determine. It’s a sterile discussion, the important thing is to see us forgetting Nolito. The important thing is to know how to replace people.  We have done it before.”



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