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02 Nov 2016
Deportivo’s coach liked what he saw in the new lawn at the Riazor, but the players were unhappy as the team missed the victory. Valencia’s coach said that this is a step backwards for them.

Coach Gaizka Garitano was content with what he witnessed in this game, “The game had several phases, but I believe in the major part of them we saw a Deportivo similar to what we want. I believe the team must go out reinforced despite not conquering the victory. We played against a great team, but I believe we were better in several phases. Surely we aren’t fine in different moments in the games. When we are bad we end losing and when we are fine it is hard for us to win. We are leaving reinforced despite not winning.”

“In several phases of the first half we made a great game. We were close to score more goals in the first half, but they force you to make a big effort and defend well, because they have quality and specially speed. We were tired within the last fifteen minutes, but the team held up and was even close to score a second goal.” He added.

Asked about the debut of Tytoń, the Basque man said that, “We were content with Poroto too, in the end we allowed eight goals in the last two games and the keeper had nothing to do with it, but you always search for something different. In this sense Tytoń was fine, Rubén [Martínez] is also fine and can enter at any time. I am calm in this regard.”

There was also a question about the performance of Çolak, and the response was, “I love him, but he is like the rest. You must make tough decisions for the good of the team. You saw him and this is a player that I like, you watch it on the pitch”

Garitano ended praising Deportivo for its game, “We were coming from two bad games, but we played fine against Sporting and by phases against Athletic and Atlético. The team was having good phases, but we needed to extend them, and today we extended them, so we saw a Depor that’s close to what we want. We defended well and had chances to score, so it’s a pity to miss the win when you play fine, also we must have in mind that a great rival was in front of us.”

Luisinho was saying that Depor deserved more, “We knew it was a tough game before a rival that’s growing, with a new coach and that made a great game against Barcelona, but we were superior and we had enough chances in the first half to increase the lead, now we must think of the next game.”

“According to the circumstances we had more chances to conquer the victory, but we only scored once. We had chances to get better results here at the Riazor, but things are difficult when you don’t score. We need to talk now of the next game against Granada, which is also difficult. “ The Portuguese added.

Similar were the thoughts of Pedro Mosquera, “I believe the team left positive sensations in the first part and in the second we allowed the goal quickly. The game was equal with ups and down and this point tastes poorly to us. In the first half, we were a daring team and in the second half they didn’t pass midfield territory, but I believe this is the path to add more points.”

“I believe we reached the game at the Camp Nou following a good line, but we know what it is to play against Barcelona and later against Celta on the road. We allowed a lot of goals and now returned to be solid again, and having the ball and arrivals; it’s a pity to not been able to conquer the victory. We need to be strong at home and the next game at Granada is very important to us.” The midfielder added.

At Valencia CF, coach Cesare Prandelli was saying that this was a step backward for his team, "The team must now think about how to recover the ball. We are there now. When you have the ball you have to play aggressively and with order. We have taken a step back from previous games. When you don’t score a goal even though you have chances then it becomes more difficult to win. But the team is creating and that's important." 




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