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05 Nov 2016
Depor’s coach wants to see Deportivo making a great game on the road and hopes to see his strikers gaining self-confidence. Granada’s coach wants to avoid describing the game as a final.

Gaizka Garitano addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He talked to reporters for eighteen minutes. The Basque man insisted that his team needs to improve playing on the road and admitted that the strikers are lacking confidence. The following is a summary of the main things said by him:

Tytoń: Yes, he will play again.”

Carlos Gil out of the roster: “I can only pick eighteen players. There’s no room for everyone. Carlos Gil is working at the top and everyone deserves to go, but the others too. I can only choose the best ones.”

Granada’s problems: “You see a good chance to win judging the circumstances. But when Granada play against Depor they also see a great chance to win. It happens when the last eight clubs at the standings are playing against each other. The last places have lesser chances when they face the top teams, so when we play against each other the points are more important, like the other day Granada facing Sporting. Later, when you face Villarreal, Sevilla and Atlético, you end having lesser chances.”

“This game isn’t dangerous for this. We see that Granada have enough squad to have more than two points. They are in a worse situation, but we also need to win, so we are traveling there in order to win. Their problem is that they had seventeen or eighteen new signings, similar to us, because we didn’t have too many signings. When you have too many nationalities and young players, then it’s tougher at the beginning.”

Away performance: “We need to improve our weight on the road, it is true that it has been harder away from home. Truly we are having a lot of chances at home, but we need to improve on the road. We only scored once on the road and it was a set-piece.  We neither created too many chances playing in this condition and we need to improve, later to keep the consistency between defence and attack, but it’s true that offensively we need to have more arrivals. We need a good game on the road, we had a solid performance at Alavés, but we haven’t witnessed a great Depor yet. It’s also true that we have played in Barcelona, Madrid and Vigo, and the teams playing there neither created too much.”

Anxiety: “It will be an error to think that they are more in need than us, who isn’t? We have the same need. We have more points but I see the same need. These are tense games in which there is a lot at stake. The team is fine and ready to play this game. We cannot have fear to lose, maybe to other things in life, but not in football.”

Lack of aim: “What has happened is that not all the offensive players have been ready, at this point Marlos and Ryan can play for more time. Bruno can play more time too. All the offensive players haven’t been fine at the same time, and we need to see them scoring. I believe they need more confidence as they aren’t scoring too many goals. Our offensive people need to score goals and earn self-confidence.”

“The attackers might be missing the goal, but they also need chances to score the goals. If the strikers are failing goals then we will tell them: You are failing the chances. But we cannot criticize Andone for missing four goals, because he didn’t have four clear chances in an away game. “

Wingers: “Neither Bruno Gama has been able to play the full time and Marlos was low as he missed several days with us for been with the national squad, but now he is better. He can add depth. There were games in which our wingers were playing towards the centre, and now we can play with more natural wingers, which is something that I like. I am content with Marlos, because his tactical base was low and has improved a lot.”

Lucas Alcaraz “I don’t like to talk of the partners, each one has a style, but their style has changed a lot, with good and bad things. I am more worried in making a good game. What we need to do is play well and avoid to concede goals, because you cannot get results if you allow four goals like in the past two games.”

Referees: “I haven’t talked badly of the referees since my arrival, maybe you should do it now and let’s see if the situation improves.”

Lucas Alcaraz talked to reporters on Friday’s afternoon. He doesn’t want to see the game as a final and didn’t want to confirm if he will return to the line of four defenders. The following is a summary of the main things said by him:

Nineteen men on the roster: "Nothing special, just anticipating a possible combination. I have some doubts in the composition of the bench. “

Five or four men at the back: "The defence with three centre-backs is a formation that we will use even in the development of the same games. It may be that I use it or actually it could be with four. We can change. The team must have two solutions for each moment. "

Gastón Silva: "He doesn’t have the same pace than the others. He has made two training sessions, apart from the work with the physiotherapists. But he’s a solution. At the centre, central left in a defense of three centre-backs and at left side ".

Playing at home: "We talk about Primera División, and there is an added interest for been playing at home, but the team has to know what to do in all facets. Defend, attack, set-pieces, transitions... There isn’t a facet that will guarantee you the victory. "

Deportivo: "Team with individualities and with it’s peculiarities as all who pass through here, except the big ones. I am worried about what’s in our hand, the work we are doing, because we consider it’s the best way. Strengthen our own. "

A decisive game: “We see the enthusiasm and interest of winning. So you have to see them all. If you think of what the result implies, then you lose power over the effective things, which is knowing how to play and stay focused. A victory will give us confidence, but we cannot think about the result, but how to face the game. "

Anxiety: "One of the challenges is that what you work on the trainings can be transferred into the pitch. That’s why we insist to focus on things that we need to do, not in a result. There are still many games left, and although the initial trajectory hasn’t been good, the best way is to know the difficulty, everyone, and from there we translate what we rehearsed. When we can have the ball not to hurry to finish the play. And without it , to not have anxiety. " 




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