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08 Nov 2016
A new poor version of Depor B suffered the fourth defeat on the season and leaves the promotion zone. Only one shot on target and only three clear chances to score for the team in this game.

Coach Cristobal Parrolo was still missing Anxo Pérez, Marcos Legaz and Hugo Rama for injury reasons. Goalkeeper Álex Cobo was back after been out for a month, but Juvenil A Ramón Rodriguez stayed at the starting formation.

The draw was a 4-4-2. Ramón was covering the goal, Quique Fornos performed at the right side in defence, Arnau Campeny and Nacho Monsalve were the centre-backs, Lucas Viña performed at the left side, Álvaro Queijeiro and Edu Expósito were the centre midfielders; Borja Galán attacked from the left wing, Edu Expósito did it from the right, then Óscar García  played behind Borja Domingo in attack.

The rival was UD Barbadás, a team that for the second straight season is fighting to enter into the promotion zone under the command of coach Miki López. Rodrigo dos Reis is their main top-scorer on the season (4 goals).

One of the worst games for Deportivo B on this Tercera season, the team was poor in attack and only reacted after conceding a goal early in the second half, but it was unable to create scoring opportunities. Only one shot on target for Depor’s lads in the whole game.

UD Barbadás was an ordered team that didn’t allow Fabril to step into their area, but they neither created any harm and with the passage of the minutes the game became tedious. The locals only had a sense of danger with some crosses that weren’t transferred into shots on target.

Meanwhile, Fabril was a broken engine. Carreón returned into the starting formation, but was unable to carry on with the offensive game of his team. Neither Edu Expósito guided the team and only the runs of Óscar García brought some danger. Thus came the lonely shot on target for Fabril in the game, a play of the winger ended with Lucas Viña completing a cross that was saved by goalie Berto.

The second half followed the same path of boredom, though Barbadás had two clear chances within the first ten minutes. In the first Igor fired from inside the area and the ball hit the face of Arnau to end in a corner-kick action, a few minutes later the goal arrived.

A counterattack on the left was ending with Igor trying to fire from the edge of the area, Óscar was helping in defensive tasks and managed to slightly deflect the ball, it seemed that Fabril was going to start a counterattack, but German Pérez came from behind to release a strong shot that hit Óscar and the ball turned into a volley that entered the net by the near post of Ramón.

Parrolo reacted with the entry of Jardel for Borja Domingo and later Manu Molina for Queijeiro, but his team continued to be flat in attack. It took control of the actions, but it continued to lack scoring chances. It only had two within the final thirty minutes.

The main one was a lateral free-kick on the left wing, after a first deflection centre-back Monsalve found the ball at the far post, but he sent the ball over the crossbar when the easiest thing was to score. The game ended with the desperation of Parrolo, who was sent off for protesting a foul.

Disappointment as Deportivo lost for the fourth time on the season in a poor game with only a few scoring chances. The team simply failed to create scoring chances and is now out of the promotion seats. The next game is the visit to runners-up Racing Club Vilalbés (Sunday, 12h00 CET).

Barbadás: (4-2-3-1) Berto – Geno, Oli, Quintairos, Marcelo – Lamelas, Rodrigo – Germán, Bruno (Alfredo 78’), Nespereira (Iago Fernández 75’) – Igor (Rozen 89’).
Deportivo B: (4-4-2) Ramón – Fornos (Blas Alonso 84’), Arnau, Monsalve, Lucas Viña -  Edu Expósito, Carreón, Queijeiro (Manu Molina 76’), Borja Galán – Óscar, Borja Domingo (Jardel 66’)
Goal: 1-0 (55’) Germán Pérez.
Referee: Uxio Caamaño Vázquez. He showed yellow card to Lamelas (21’), Queijeiro (22’), Igor (36’), Bruno (42’), Borja Galán (63’) & Alfredo (86’)
Venue: Os Carrís (300)




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