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04 Dec 2006
The performance of Deportivo continued to generate protests and complaints in the papers. The fact that the Galician squad played worse when the rival was in a numeric disadvantage is the thing that awoke the harder criticism. La Voz de Galicia even believes that the speech of Caparr??s -our goal is to be playing with Real Madrid on the next season- is the correct view.

La Voz de Galicia: Caparr??s isn't the miracle man. If somebody was thinking that his defensive football, his compromise, will, vehemence and the capacity to obtain the best from a young group would be enough qualities to achieve great things, the current situation should change their speech. The Utrera-born coach is walking at the razor's edge. Everybody likes him because he is a worker that affects us with his enthusiasm. And he doesn't please us because he wants to achieve the victory in a way that isn't generous with the spectator.

Caparr??s has been the protagonist on this season. So much, that his image is in the middle of our sight, like a smoking gun between the reality of the squad and the perception of the fans. But sooner or later, the reality flows out. Yesterday, the same coach unmasked the project that has been label as the 'third lesson'. There wasn't any lie in the words of Caparr??s. The only thing that this team can aspire is to maintain its spot in Primera. Anything else should be like a fairy tale. Fernando Hidalgo.

AS: Racing is living a sweet moment, Depor is falling down. These two teams arrived with different sensations, and both of them confirmed their current state. The men of Portugal are finding their way after a poor start in la liga, just the opposite to Deportivo. Caparr??s's squad built a fortress in Riazor during the first four matchdays, now they have a mark of six consecutive games without a victory and the shadow of the crisis is showing up. In La Coru?±a, everybody is accepting that this 'Babydepor' is living its first crisis. And that's because the game displayed is worse than the results. The other debate, about the convenience in the signing of a striker, doesn't exist. It's absolutely necessary! Yesterday, the Galicians had five clear occasions to score, and they weren't capable of fulfilling them. Juan Rodr?­guez, Verd??, Estoyanoff and Riki (on two occasions) had the game in their boots, but their lack of effectiveness is evident, like the necessity of Lendoiro to put his hand in the pocket during the winter market. Luis de la Cruz.

La Voz de Galicia:: Depor isn't going out from the tunnel. It's football provokes more the yawn than the complicity. Against Racing, it wasn't possible to use the 'Taborda alibi' as an excuse, a useful thing to hide the deficiencies in past opportunities. The most worrying thing is that this Depor is losing the signs of the squad that defeated Zaragoza during the opening match, or the one that destroyed Villarreal and gave battle against Barcelona. It doesn't look like the voluntary team that was seen at the beginning of the season, the one that had the firm of Joaqu?­n Caparr??s. This squad doesn't bite as it did it a few months ago, it moves with an excessive parsimony and doesn't have punch. Against Racing, Depor wasn't able to create a clear occasion to score, or a shot with criteria. In fact, when the rival had nine players, Racing took four corner-kicks, made two shots with danger, and converted Colsa into an international player. Jos?© M. Fern??ndez.

La Opini??n A Coru?±a: Yesterday, the young and inexperienced squad of Deportivo received a new lesson that must be remembered for a long time. That was the confession of the coach after the scoreless draw at the Riazor. Depor's players weren't able to play with the numeric advantage, and they didn't make a shot on goal despite that the rival was playing without Munitis. The second expulsion in the squad trained by Miguel ?ngel Portugal increased the precipitation in Caparr??s's team, and converted the last minutes into a concert of errors. The Galicians weren't able to decide the more convenient way to attack. Some players were trying to circulate the ball, while others were sending long balls searching for Riki and Lopo, the Catalan defender performed as a striker during the last seconds of the encounter. Arturo Pati?±o.

El Diario Monta?±es: Yesterday Racing passed the graduation test, it demonstrated that there's hope, even without Munitis and Zigic. The two strikers -the reference in this season's Racing- ended in the street in a match with more yellow cards than fouls. The rest of the squad demonstrated its personality, order and capacity to work in order to achieve a point in a game that was horrible. At the end, the draw demonstrated the capacity to fight of Portugal's men, and the most important thing, that Racing isn't anymore the team of Munitis, Zigic and the other nine. J.A.

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