15 Nov 2016
Pedro Mosquera conceded an interview to La Voz de Galicia, the midfielder talked of the disappointment of the fans for the performance of the team and what Deportivo need to do in order to improve.

Q: After the last two draws, how was this break?
A: Very good. Let's see if we can recover Joselu, who made a small step back, but I think it will be minimal. The feeling is that in Granada we dropped two points that we had won and now we hope to recover them as soon as possible.

Q: Is better to stop taking of the referees in case they react against you or is it better to continue denouncing?
A: When the game of Granada finished, I already said that it seemed incredible to me to whistle an offside in a corner in which the assistant was well positioned. Letís see if during the season we are benefited somehow and thus things can be more equal. Because I think that the referees make mistakes for one side and the other, but itís difficult to understand how they donít succeed in that action.

Q: How do you live being the captain of the team from your city?
A: That in the last few matches. I wore the armband. I see it as an anecdotal fact. It coincided that Poroto, Ńlex and Laure werenít in the game, but surely they will play again and I will gladly give them the armband. But I admit that itís a pride and a responsibility for me, because we all know what Real Club Deportivo is, what it means and the values that we have and that we need to respect on and off the field.

Q: The captaincy arrived shortly after an unusual substitution for you, did you see it as a little touch of attention so that you donít fall asleep?
A: Not at all. It was a week in which we played three games with only two days of rest between some of the meetings. The coach has to rotate to have fresher people, and the people at midfield are the ones that make more meters, because itís normal to dose us.

Q: Speaking of running. Did you see that you were the one that made more meters last year at Primera?
A: Yes. I was at the gala of La Liga and saw that they were mentioning it. I was excited to see it, because you can do things better or worse, but I always try to give everything, especially without the ball, trying to help my colleagues a lot.

Q: But you are also one of those who have a nice passing skill. Your mission is also to start the play. Why this year you have abused so much of the long throws?
A: Maybe in the first games a more direct game has been made. Maybe because circumstances didnít turn out well and people lacked freshness with the ball. But in the last meetings, especially at home, I think we are doing well and the fans enjoyed. It can be improved, but at home we are fine.

Q: But what the coach says about it?
A: The coach insists that he wants us to play more football. But every game is different. Maybe in attack it is more difficult to give the last pass. We must continue working.

Q: The fans expected more this year, they look at the standings, remember the past and tremble.
A: Right now, we are out of relegation and I believe it is the best news.

Q: What should be improved?
A: Many things. There are matches in which we could have done a better game, in others we did it and lacked to kill the match with more aim facing the goal. At the back zone, we were only loose against Barcelona and in Vigo. So, mainly, we need to know how to kill the games.

Q: Sevilla donít seem to be the most appropriate opponent to add three points.
A: It's a team thatís playing very well. We already saw them against Barca. A great team. But we showed last year at the Riazor that we can play at the same level.



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