16 Nov 2016
Laure conceded an interview to Sportpaper AS, the captain of Deportivo talked of his lack of minutes, the situation inside the changing room and the poor results after the first eleven matchdays.

Q: How do you valorise these first eleven matchdays?
A: We have been irregular. I think we deserve more than we have, but we cannot look back.

Q: Another year of suffering?
A: We have to realize that we have to suffer, but also that we have to get out of this situation because we already know the pressure thatís there when you are in those positions. Adding points will set us free on the field.

Q: Do you need a great game to regain confidence?
A: It would be fantastic for everyone, for example the game against Sevilla. Making a rounded match, a good result... that will bring confidence, knowing that we can.

Q: How do you valorise everything that happened with the referees?
A: Usually there are mistakes, but a lot of these errors have come together at the same time. Let's hope they begin to respect us and not take away so much.

Q: You suffered at the Camp Nou with an expulsion.
A: From the start we noticed that the referee wasnít there, for example, the job of helping the visitor. When you were speaking with him, he didnít address you with good words.

Q: Yours was red and Neymar's foul was nothing. What did you think?
A: He didnít measure with the same criteria, it was the same play. I was wrong to raise my arm, but it's the same action and it runs totally different.

Q: And it cost you losing the next matchday...
A: I'm having few opportunities and if the referee is not right, it makes it more complicated to earn the position.

Q: It's your start in liga with less presence...
A: I've already been in situations in which I seemed to be defenestrated. I trust myself and I know that sooner or later I will become important and get a spot.

Q: How?
A: Working to get the coach to see that he can trust me, that Iím a regular player.

Q: How do you see Garitano?
A: I see him with a lot of responsibility, knowing that the squad trusts him. Heís quiet and the results will come.

Q: What do you think of the decision of the coach with «olak?
A: We came from a year in which the changing room was pointed too much, which magnified everything. What happened with «olak and what we have this year has nothing to do. These are tactical decisions, punctual moments that the coach tries to cut.

Q: Did he talk to the captains?
A: No, it was his choice, he did what he believed. We accept it well, because these are decisions that seek the benefit of the group.

Q: How does the changing room see these types of decisions?
A: It looks good. In all jobs you want your boss to be as fair as possible and treat everyone by the same standards. Garitano goes head-to-head and who doesnít follow the line goes out. I think it's fair, although it's complicated if you donít play.

Q: Like Ńlex. How do you see it?
A: When the opportunity arrives, he will take advantage of it, he is never discouraged. He is in the same situation as me and when the coach pulls us, then we will be prepared.

Q: How about the visit of Lucas?
A: It brings us great memories and good vibes, here he contributed a lot. Heís very happy there and knows he needs to adapt. Surely he will triumph.

Q: And how is your patience?
A: I want to play and be important. Each season you have to assume your role and earn your position. I want to be where they want me to be. If Depor is not happy with me, then nothing, I will look for other options. But the clear thing is that I want to be here.



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