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21 Nov 2016
Sadness after Depor’s dropped a two-goal lead to end losing again. Silence towards the referees inside the squad, though president Tino Fernández fired against them.

Coach Gaizka Garitano was feeling sorry for the defeat and the bad luck of Deportivo, “I believe we have made a very good game and we also meet a great rival, for some reason they are champions of Europe, but the true is that football has been cruel with us. I believe we deserved more and the team made a great effort and we were unlucky to lose the game at the last minute.”

“The true is that we aren’t having a reward for the effort that’s has been done. I can make an analysis of the game, but of the result… We didn’t have the luck that we should have. The team made a great job before a great team and we must keep working. The key was to concede the goal immediately after the 2-0. Later they pulled Vitolo, but still, we had the game under control. Football has been cruel with us, we shouldn’t have been defeated.” He added.

This time he didn’t want to talk of the referees, “I prefer not to talk about it. “It was the only thing he said. Then he explained the substitution of Juanfran, “Arribas is fast and Arribas was already tired. The goal could have arrived in a set-piece and we wanted to reinforce that line with a more defensive player without touching the rest, and later the goal came in a corner-kick. We didn’t’ want to put more people at the back.”

Asked about the other changes and how they influenced in the result, the Basque man only said that, “You can say anything you want, we make the changes because we need it.” Finally, Garitano didn’t respond when he was asked about a possible dismissal, “Right  now, I am feeling screwed, because I just lost a match. The game ended ten minutes ago and, within that time, I am still feeling screwed.”

Florin Andone was feeling sorry with the defeat, “It was a pity, because we worked hard. We knew that a big rival was in front of us and in the end the game escaped from our hands at the last minute. We gave everything and tried to win the game, but a great rival was in front and in the end the game fell to their side.”

He was complaining that the referee should have whistled a penalty in his great chance of the second half, “I didn’t re-watch the play, but what I felt was a push. He touched me and I hit the ground. Obviously if he hadn’t touch me then I wouldn’t have hit the ground. Another thing is if I would have stroke the ball better, but in that play I felt the contact and hit the ground, so for me it was a clear penalty. “ However, he didn’t want to criticize the work of the referee in general, “The coach is the one that should be talking about this issue.” He responded.

Sidnei Rechel said that, “It is a little difficult, for the game we have made today, but this is football and these things happens. We need to keep working. I believe that, again, we made a great work and it happened this. It is football and there’s no other way than to continue. We competed against a great team and must do the same again.”

On Sunday, Ryan Babel was still feeling hurt for the defeat, as he said in a press conference, “It was a big disappointment, because yesterday we dropped a 2-0 advantage, but beyond the result there were positive things and we must remain working.”

He neither wanted to talk of the referees, “I have nothing to say about the referees. I have been playing for a while and really I never met a situation in which to talk of the referees have changed their decisions, so it’s not worth to talk about it.”

But who unleashed his frustrations with the referees was president Tino Fernández. He talked to reporters before Fabril’s game as there was a special act with the Galician federation at Abegondo, "We haven’t decided if we are going to make a formal protest, but what’s clear is that we are fed up, angry, desperate, and it’s really strange. I don’t think there is any kind of intentionality, what’s certain is that we are suffering horrible decisions. In the last eight matchdays we have been deprived of five points, which can be more than 10% of the points we get."

"I don’t think there's a black hand, that's clear to me, but it's clear that we had shitty referees, I'm not talking about robberies, but clearly they have failed. It's a difficult thing to understand, because of that accumulation, practically since day one, we won against Eibar, but there were also important errors in that meeting. There were important errors against Athletic, at Barça, at Celta, regardless of how the matches ended, and at home in a lot of matches. It’s a sum and continues every day." He continued complaining.

Despite the rumours, the president refused that Garitano can be sacked, "What he has to do is not to get discouraged, to work hard and to be thinking of winning in Malaga. He is working well and what can we say to a professional that in a matter of eight days have seen how five points were removed from his nose in this way? There is one day less to go to Malaga and lift it.”

Finally, Tino Fernández talked about making signings in the winter window, "It's something we are studying. Economically it's feasible and I would say we are going to do it."

At Sevilla CF, Jorge Sampaoli was pretty happy with the result, “Winning here allowed us to continue dreaming at the standings and we came to find it. Then there are successes and errors, but I emphasize the personality and greatness of the players to get up a 2-0 in a very difficult field. We lacked punch, but we were also unfortunate to not connect the ball passing in front of the goal.”

The Chilean man didn’t want to talk of the referees after the protests coming from Depor, “This doesn’t help us for Tuesday's game. You are deluded in this way, because the team played like a big one, it went out to look for Deportivo and it didn’t lower the arms."

Gabriel Mercado was the hero as he scored the winning goal for the Andalusians, ironically he could have been sent off in the play of the not conceded penalty over Andone. And he admitted the controversy with the call, “"I try to destabilize him, I touch him, but then that's up to the referee.” He commented about that play.



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