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30 Nov 2016
Sad game and Deportivo lost again, Betis only needed one shot in the first part to claim the advantage in the series. Joselu played for the first time in three months.

Coach Gaizka Garitano surprised as he barely made changes at the starting lineup. Truly Rubén Martínez was debuting and Álex Bergantiños was playing for the first time on the season, but the rest were normal starters.

The draw was also weird, a 3-4-3 formation with Rubén Martínez at the goal, Albentosa, Sidnei and Navarro composed the back line, Pedro Mosquera joined Álex at midfield, Carles Gil attacked from the right wing, Luisinho did it from the left, then Florin Andone and Marlos Moreno were the centre forwards.

At Real Betis, despite the words of Víctor Sánchez, he was resting his starting team as only three normal starters were repeating at the team. Toni Sanabria and Álex Alegría were the references in attack.

Flat first part for both teams, Real Betis found the goal in their only shot on target and later Deportivo appeared to have a couple of scoring opportunities, but the Galicians didn’t give a sense of continuous danger.

The start in the game was peaceful, Real Betis had the initiative and Depor also had long ball possessions, but there were no scoring chances within the first fifteen minutes. At times the draw at the visiting team was a 4-4-2 with Luisinho performing as a left winger, in other punctual moments it was a 3-5-2 with Navarro helping the centre-backs.

The game was turning to be boring until the locals were able to score the lonely goal in the match. Riza Durmisi released a cross from the left and Toni Sanabria was alone enough to score with a downward header, the ball went into the bottom right corner of Rubén Martínez.

Depor tried to react with Marlos Moreno, who attempted a shot from the edge of the area that went over the crossbar (20’). And later with Juanfran and Pedro Mosquera, both with shots that were saved by local goalie Dani Giménez (23’ & 24’). Those were the main chances for the visiting outfit.

Betis were also looking dangerous in the counterattack, after a free-kick in which Depor’s attackers didn’t know what to do with he ball, Felipe Gutiérrez was close to score after an error by Mosquera inside the area, but Luisinho deflected the shot into corner-kick (27’).

Deportivo continued to have more depth, but the opportunities weren’t showing up, at minute 31 Sidnei headed out a corner-kick by Carles Gil. The Galicians were missing spark and were unable to complete more shots in the remaining fifteen minutes. Betis did too little to deserve the advantage, but neither Depor deserved more.

The game didn’t improve in the second half; Depor tried more than Betis, but only completed one shot on target, and it was Navarro when the game was about to end. At least Joselu retuned and showed show resources that might be crucial in the near future.

The final part started with Guilherme replacing Mosquera. The Galician was terrible in the first half, but neither the Brazilian wasn’t a factor in the game, though he neither committed the errors of the A Coruña-born player.

The game continued with the script of the first part: an apathetic Betis were doing nothing in attack, while Depor had more presence in the opposite half, but it’s only chance at the start of the half was a long range shot by Luisinho that missed the target (54’).

Three minutes later Sidnei starred one of his long plays in which his shot from inside the are went wide. The first -and only- clear chance for Betis in the half came at minute 61, Sanabria made a solo-play entering from outside the area and his low attempt was blocked by Rubén.

Not even the set-pieces were working for Depor; Carles Gil and Guilherme had attempts in free-kicks, but they didn’t find a receiver in their crosses or missed the target with their shots. Then Joselu replaced Marlos Moreno in his first game in two months.

The striker showed some interesting moves, but it wasn’t enough to change the outcome. Garitano made the third substitution allowing the entry of Borges for Álex Bergantiños. And Depor had the big chance to tie the game at minute 76, a high cross of Luisinho after a local error was found by Joselu inside the area, but his downward header just passed close to the far post.

The match ended with the impotence of a Deportivo that were unable to create danger before a rival that had enough with the narrow lead. To illustrate the lack of punch the fact that the only shot on target in the second half for Depor came until minute 77, and it was Navarro in a counterattack in which his low attempt was blocked by Dani Giménez

New defeat and Depor returns to the Riazor with a 0-1 disadvantage, not a big obstacle, but it’s more worrying the lack of ideas of a team that fell down at the first punch and later it’s unable to find the way to comeback.

The returning leg will be played on December 21; now Deportivo will prepare the next liga game, which is the visit of Real Sociedad to the Riazor (Monday, 20h45 CET).

Deportivo: (3-4-3) Rubén Martínez –Albentosa, Sidnei, Navarro – Juanfran, Álex Bergantiños (Borges 74’), Mosquera (Guilherme 46’), Luisinho – Carles Gil, Marlos Moreno (Joselu 67’), Andone
Betis: (4-4-2) Dani Giménez - Piccini, Mandi, José Carlos – Jonas Martín (Bruno 63’), Donk, Brasanac (Ruiz 86’), Felipe Gutiérrez – Sanabria (Joaquín 63’), Álex Alegría
Goal: 1-0: (18’) Sanabria
Referee: Ricardo De Burgos Bengoetxea. He showed yellow card to Jonas Martin (35’), Álex Bergantiños (72’), Luisinho (78’) & Brasanac (85’)
Venue: Benito Villamarín (12,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (43% - 57%); Attempts to score (3 – 6); Total shots (6 - 13); Shots on target (2 - 3); Saves by the keepers (3 - 1); Corner-kicks (3 - 3); Offsides (2 - 0); Fouls committed (22 - 12); Passing accuracy (62% - 68%)



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