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07 Dec 2016
The coach and the players were happy with the result and emphasized that Deportivo were deserving the victory for the things done before. The coach of Real Sociedad admitted the superiority of the rival.

 Gaizka Garitano said that Deportivo finally got the deserved reward for the things done on the pitch, “I am content, beyond the result because we needed the win and for the impression left. It was a good day to us and we are content. Depor have been playing fine for a while, in other days it wasn’t possible to win, but it isn’t normal to have these points taking in mind what we were doing. In the end the players got a reward for what they deserved, in past games we didn’t have a reward and when you don’t have a reward then it’s harder.”

He was saying that the fourth goal allowed to close the game, “We needed to win, because we were playing well before and it wasn’t useful. The true is that we needed to win and we did it playing well, so we are content. The fourth goal ended the game, because in our situation it is hard to close the games, even with the 3-0 at half-time we knew that Real Sociedad had the ability to revert the result. For me it is the best team in la liga and was coming after a rally of victories and we knew that a goal at the beginning of the second half could brought nerves due to our current situation, since that point the game was downhill.”

The Basque man was happy with the performance of the whole team, “I don’t want to emphasize the work of one single player. Everyone was fine and I’m happy for them. It isn’t normal to not get more points as the players are training at the top and I am glad they were able to move forward with the game.”

Finally, Garitano warned that nothing is done yet, “We haven’t done anything yet, we must remember that we remain in a difficult situation. Today we must enjoy and cannot forgive that we stay in a difficult situation. We need to keep moving forward. On Saturday, we travel to the Bernabéu and later host Osasuna. Today we enjoy, but since tomorrow we need to think as we remain in a difficult position.”

Sidnei Rechel was glad with the result and with his goal, “Today I am very happy, because we clinched the victory, which was the important thing. We were aware that this was an important game and I’m happy for scoring my first goal with Depor. I am also content with the work done by the team and we must continue working in order to make games like today’s one.”

The Brazilian defender also said that the squad was calm despite the rumours pointing to the exit of the coach in case of a defeat, “We were calm during the week, but in previous games we were doing a nice job and weren’t getting the results, so we celebrated together as we know how hard we work in order to make games like today’s one. This is encouraging us.”

Florin Andone is on fire after netting goal for the fourth straight matchday, this time with a brace, “This is a very happy moment, firstly because we won at home and I believe these fans deserved a victory like this. I believe the team made a fantastic game and in a personal sense I am happy, because the strikers live of the goals and I’m happy for been living a positive streak.”

“It has been a while for me without tasting a victory, both with the team and the national squad, in the previous games we were better but didn’t have the deserved reward. We must enjoy tonight and I am going home very happy.” He added.

At Real Sociedad, coach Eusebio Sacristán was admitting the superiority of Deportivo, “We must recognize that Depor were superior, it was evident in the score. The players tried, but they were unable and I was also unable to give the right instructions to counteract Deportivo.”

“Depor found depth with their passes and won the back of our defenders. They made us to run backwards and seized their speed and determination. We tried to counteract them, the players tried, but they were superior with their game. It’s an example that we must remain working, we hope this could be a lesson to us.” He added.




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