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12 Dec 2016
Depor are now a team that scores a lot, but that also conceded a lot. The defeat came after three errors on the sides. In three of the last four games Depor dropped points after allowing goals within the last ten minutes.

The seven notes from the game Vs. Real Madrid

1- Unlucky: Errors by the players or bad decisions by the coach apart, it must be admitted that this has been a luckless season for Deportivo, team that has made more merits of what the standings can say. In this match, Deportivo werenít so great, but neither Real Madrid created too much (only five shots on target) and definitely the Galicians at least deserved a point for its effectiveness up front, but once again a late goal change the outcome. For the second time the team was achieving a comeback after conceding the first goal, but it lost again.

2- The referees: This time there wasnít a punctual decision by Jaime Latre that had an impact in the score, but what annoyed ted Deportivo were the double standard with the calls. Babel and Albentosa were booked for clear fouls that deserved the yellow card, but later the referee didnít want to use the same rules with Pepe and Ramos, who even could have been sent off before scoring for his reaction over Sidnei, and that action was in front of the referee, who only had the guts to show yellow cards.

Depor also protested a foul over Babel by Casemiro when the score was 1-2, it could have been a direct free-kick and a red card for the midfielder, but Latre didnít want to see it, his assistants also made weird decisions, like calling a goal kick just when it was Keylor Navas who clearly deflected the ball before a shot by Borges.

3- Changes by Garitano: Garitano has been criticized all season long for his changes, but in this game he guessed right. First to all, Joselu entered for a grey «olak and it was him who scored the goals, more controversial was the exit of Andone, but it was must be reminded that the Romanian was dragging issues and, with the 1-2 in the scoresheet, it was a logical decision. Perhaps an alternative could have been to allow the entry of Marlos Moreno in order to seize his speed, but the coach opted in putting an extra man in midfield (Mosquera).

4- Errors on the sides: The three goals of Real Madrid came in defensive distractions on the sides. Navarro and Juanfran were poor in this game, the latter has been one of the best players on the season, but in this match he failed. One of his errors almost cost a goal in the first half, in the second part the first goal came after Carles Gil didnít want to send the ball out on the left side, instead he tried to hold it and the result was the great strike by Morata.

In the second goal Navarro arrived too late to avoid the cross that ended with the lucky play by Mariano, and the third was a poorly defended corner-kick. Garitano complained after the game that he had talked with his players about these plays.

5- Effective: At the start of the season Depor were described as a good defence with big problems to score goals, now the picture has changed completely and the team scores a lot, but also concedes a lot. In this game Los Blanquiazules demonstrated an astonishing effectiveness in attack, it only completed four shots but two were goals, one was the attempt by Borges that hit the woodwork, and the other one was a great shot by the midfielder and only Navas prevented the goal. The defence also made a decent job as it only allowed five shots on target, though three of them were goals.

6- Andone, Joselu & Babel: Deportivo have found a valuable trident up front. Andone didnít extend his rally of matches scoring goals, but he was vital in this game. The first goal was only possible because he never gave up, while he assisted in the second. Joselu scored a brace and curiously has also already scored three goals at Primera after only making three shots on target. Babel wasnít too noticed in this clash, but he was an important support, actually he was the attacker with more touches in the game (40).

Thanks to this trio Depor are no longer among the worst scorers in Europe, this after scoring twelve goals within the last four games. The trident scored nine of these goals, the other three were scored by Borges (2) and Sidnei.

7- Late goals: Deportivo have dropped points in three of the last four games in liga after allowing a goal within the last ten minutes, and in two opportunities it was more than a goal. Against Sevilla the Galicians were winning 2-1 at minute 87 and the game ended 2-3. Against MŠlaga the score was 3-3 and a goal in added time cost the defeat, now Depor passed from a 2-1 t minute 83 to end losing 3-2.

Also, Deportivo were winning in the second half during the last six games in liga, and only in one of them it was able to add the three points. The other five ended in three defeats and two draws.



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