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12 Dec 2016
Disappointment after a new late defeat in la liga, neither the coach nor the players were content because, as it happened before, Depor died at the shore after been close to achieve a victory.

Gaizka Garitano was very disappointed, even when a reporter said that he should be content ahead of future matches, he replied that, “It’s useless right now, we lost. It was in our hand and well… we are really upset. We made a very good game, it was in our hand and, it escaped from us, all the work done is wasted. We can only stand up and move forward.”

He was even disappointed for the way his team defended in the play of the third goal, “Normally Kroos releases those corners and we talked about that play a thousand times, in the end one of these players beat you in the mark and they are great players. This has happened to us too many times on this year and we didn’t have a reward.”

The Basque man was praising Joselu, the scorer of both goals, “He spent three months injured and little by little is having more minutes. He is an important player and hopefully will be fine soon. You see what he can do.”

Garitano was also complaining for the added time in the second part, “We were close to win, what happens is that, in order to win at the Bernabéu, you need the combination of many circumstances within the last minutes, in the end they push you with a lot of people and are among the best teams in the world in set-pieces. And you know what could happen if they have two or three corners. You also know that on here the added time never ends. They gave five minutes and could have been two or three more, until they score. So, you need perfection to avoid these circumstances.”

Juanfran Moreno was also disappointed, “Within the last four games we have lost three in the same way, but we must remain with the positive things We competed before the best team right now, but Ramos is there, he is a specialist and we are leaving empty-handed. Now the next game is fundamental to us. The team is fine and is able to defeat anyone, we must continue playing like this.”

Joselu said that, “I believe we made a very complete game, since the first minute we went out to play. We are making a great job lately, but these things happen playing against Madrid. I believe we made a great game and must now think of the next game. They had to fight until the final minute in order to defeat us.”

The striker was explained his personal situation after the injury, “I am going up little by little, I am coming from a very serious injury. Little by little I’m entering the game. I had more minutes now and everything was fine until they achieved the comeback. I am fine and since tomorrow a new week start to prepare next Sunday’s game.”

Raúl Albentosa was feeling sorry for the defeat, “We are doing the right things, but we cannot win. They score in the three or four chances that they have and this is complicated. We can only continue working and hope that fortune can be at our side. The idea was to win or get something positive from here, it was in our hands and we wasted it. I didn’t want good feeling after the game, I wanted to win.”

He was also hard with the referee, “I don’t know if they affect the same teams, but these situations end hitting you, especially mentally. I believe it was a foul [Babel’s play when the score was 1-2] then Pepe and Ramos commit a hard foul on the side and they aren’t booked. Then I make a hard foul and end with a yellow card, it is what screws me. It’s always the same.”

At Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane admitted that his team was lucky to win the game, "It's true, we put in an amazing game tonight and I’m very happy for the players. We suffered and had to wait until the end. We got it wrong in one move but these things can happen. When players work hard and made a huge effort, they become convinced that things will turn out for them. When you are trailing on the score board it isn't easy but we kept calm and in the end the subs brought us that little bit extra we needed."

"I do have a lucky star, I always thought that when I was a player and now, I am having a lot of luck to be going through all of this and I am going to enjoy it as much as I can. We're only halfway through the season and we'll go through difficult moments. I want to enjoy this, because I know we haven't achieved anything yet.” He added.



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