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06 Dec 2006
A report built up by sportpaper <i>Marca</i> is saying that the club is thinking in firing coach Caparr??s at the end of the present season. Apparently the latest declarations of the Sevillan coach have ended the patience of the board of directors. However, the club has denied the information that appeared in this report and continues to support the work of the coach.

Sportpaper Marca wrote an 'exclusive' report affirming that the board of directors in Deportivo is thinking in firing the coach Joaqu?n Caparr??s at the end of the present season. This report based its arguments in the fact that president Lendoiro doesn't trust anymore in the Utrera-born trainer. A situation caused by the following ten errors:

1- For been discarding Europe when the squad has only played a third part of la liga.

2- The coach made the signings that he wanted and never wanted to establish objectives. But on Sunday, he did it -"Our only objective is to be playing with Real Madrid during the next season"-

3- Caparr??s has been the most powerful coach in Depor during Lendoiro's era. He changed the structure of Abegondo, the hours of the training, the diet of the players, the configuration of the pre-season, the presence of assistances like a physiologist.. and all this just to avoid the relegation?

4- The Sevillan is know for been a creator of young promises, but he hasn't done anything yet in Deportivo. In fact, he loaned out the best promises (Xisco and Iv??n Carril) while Iago was near to end in Tenerife.

5- The coach is against the philosophy of Lendoiro -the main assets in the club are its players-. The Utrera-born trainer did this when he said that they can only aspire to the salvation.

6- Caparr??s has destroyed the market value of some players like Andrade and Duscher, a reality since he doesn't count with them. He did the same in the cases of  Trist??n, Scaloni, Acu?a and Mun??a.

7- The Sevillan isn't capable of managing the potential of a squad that's full of international players (Aouate, Barrag??n, Lopo, Andrade, Capdevila, Coloccini, Sergio, Duscher, Valer??n, Estoyanoff and Arizmendi). The squad started well, but Caparr??s hasn't been able to correct the problems.

8- Caparr??s left Deportivo without strikers. He sent Trist??n to Mallorca, and supported the loan spells of Rub?n Castro and Xisco. This three players scored 15 goals on the season 2005/2006.

9- The strong character of the Sevillan coach. A fact that causes different and confusing speeches, like the one made after the match with Racing Santander.

10- Caparr??s prefers to be a promoter of youngsters instead of searching for the best things in order to help the group.

The reader of this article could agree with some of this reasons, but it must be remembered that Marca is a paper that likes to exaggerate some things -specially the negative aspects of other clubs different from Real Madrid. In any case, the club's officials have denied the veracity of this report. La Voz de Galicia talked with its contacts inside the club, this contacts admitted that coach Caparr??s was furious when he read the article of Marca, but they affirmed that the integration between the club and the Sevillan club still to be strong. They also denied any possibility of changing the coach at the end of the present season.

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