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03 Jan 2017
Both coaches believe that his is going to be a difficult tie. Depor’s coach is optimistic despite the casualties at his squad. Alavés’ boss sees 50% chances of passing the round.

Gaizka Garitano addressed the media on Monday’s noon; he talked for eight minutes and analysed the situation of the team for having to play four games in the next two weeks. He also confirmed that Borja Valle is signing a renewal. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Roster for the game: “We have a doubtful player for tomorrow [Andone], that’s why we have picked nineteen men. We will see how we are tomorrow, there’s a player having issues [Andone] and we know that on Friday we also have an important game, so we will put the men that are 100% ready.”

Andone: “He went injured before the holidays, and today he trained during the half of the session. He isn’t 100% ready, but neither is in bad shape, so we will valorise tomorrow his chance to play or not.”

Óscar García: “You will say finally. He is a player that trains everyday with us. I try to pick the men that are in the best form. We work with him so he can be a player for the future. He has the chance to play, like everyone else in the roster.”

Marlos Moreno “Truly we have less people for those positions; surely he will earn a protagonic role. We are content with him and needs time.”

Hope in Copa: “The true is that la liga is what feeds you, but I believe we have hope in Copa and don’t want to throw away the competition. We want to fight having limitations and knowing we will play every three days and, as we demonstrated against Betis, we want to pass the round. I am optimistic, truly the last things have affected us, but we need to continue in the good track that we had before the break.”

Short squad: ”Right now it is short, yes. We have two competitions and need to face them having intelligence. We are facing two competitions and must think more in what we have than of what we don’t have.”

Borja Valle: “The circumstances are making us to count with Borja Valle. We practically only have the men to fill one roster and, having games every three days, we have what we have and don’t want to drop more people.”

“The true is that Borja Valle’s contract has been extended, even without playing too much. It means that the club and I have confidence in him. The major sign of confidence is not words but contracts. In this case we count with him and his contract has been extended. He is available for tomorrow.”

Signings: “You know the winter market is complicated and we need patience. We need to focus in the players that we have. If someone arrives then he will need time.”

Alavés: “It’s a difficult game, like any other game. It’s a team that’s very solid and can play with a line of four men or five at the back, even during the games they make the switch and it can condition the game. They seize their two fast players in attack. They have a right mix between veteran players and youth like Llorente and Theo, in the future they will be important players at Primera División. It’s a team that’s doing the right things. The tie against Betis was decided in the second game and we expect that this going is going to be resolved in Mendizorroza.”

Mauricio Pellegrino addressed the media on Monday’s noon. He is optimistic with his team and sees an equal tie against Depor. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The team after the holidays: “We had some days for the rest and now we have to compete. When some weeks pass there’s always the question of how the team is going to react, but the team has prepared the game in the best possible way and we are facing the game with hope.”

“The team is fine after resting, so for us it is a game of hope, just like in the previous tie we earned the right to play two more games, now it’s the same, but in each round things are getting more coloured. There are many games in these weeks, so we will try to play in the best possible way.”

Tie in Copa: “Both sides have the same chance to pass the round, so it’s 50%. Any detail can move the tie towards one side. We don’t’ have anything to lose and a lot of things to win. I see that the team is ready and now we need to demonstrate it on the field.”

Deportivo: “The rival has been improving and have quality people in attack. They have made good games at their field. They are dangerous in set-pieces and are solid in defence. They made a great game against Real Madrid and they deserved more. It won’t be an easy rival, but we neither are going to be an easy rival for them.”



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