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06 Jan 2017
Depor’s coach isn’t worried for been playing two times a week and targets the first win on the road for his team. Espanyol’s coach isn’t worried for the casualties at his squad and warns about Deportivo.

Gaizka Garitano addressed the media on Thursday’s afternoon. He talked to reporters for seven minutes. He emphasized the need of a victory on the road and to improve the positive feelings of recent games. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Óscar García: “He is on the roster and it means something.  He is available to play and we will see if he does it. I know him well, but the concept isn’t changing for having him or not. Still, he needs to improve a lot in order to play at Primera.”

Andone: “He is fine. He trained today without problems and is able to play.”

Two strikers: “[he smiled] The eighteen men picked for the game have the chance to play since the start, I already decided, but we will tell them tomorrow.”

Casualties at Espanyol: “It isn’t influencing in what we are going to do. We planned the game and will follow the plan, but we aren’t thinking of their casualties. We always have in mind the rival, but not looking at their casualties. We try to play in one way.”

Away victory: It’s true that we haven’t won on the road yet. We are already in 2017 and let’s see if we can have a good streak. It would be very important. This is our pending issue.”

Espanyol: “Defensively they are working at the top. They started allowing a lot of goals, but after the first three or four matches they are the best defence. They are the best one defending, and later have good players in attack.”

Playing two games in a week: “It isn’t an excuse , truly the calendar isn’t in our favour when we play in Copa, but it cannot be used as an excuse. We will be fine tomorrow in a physical sense.”

Importance of the game: “We come after a good streak and need to seize that punch, but it has only worked at home. We were close at the Bernabéu, we left good feelings, but we lost and cannot live of feelings. We need to win and tomorrow it is our intention.”

Winter market: “We now play two times a week, I don’t have time for signings. There are people working at the club on that. I only focus in working with the players that are here and get the best of them. We need to see our financial situation and the prices and I don’t have anything to do with it.”

Quique Sánchez Flores addressed the media on Thursday’s noon. He is aware of the qualities of Deportivo and expects for a hard game. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Wishes for the new year: "I will not settle for anything in particular, only that we can continue to grow and transmitting to the fans a connection, also that we can be growing with them while we are defining the model and style. Still, we are the same facing adversities and we want to keep the club’s philosophy."

Last negative results: "We cannot retrace the steps that were made at the beginning of the season, because we have the ability of not being a conformist club: once the goal is reached then we should move ahead. We are far from what we want, but the goal is to be competitive and develop a playing style.”

Deportivo “Surely they will press and will make things complicated for us. They know how to master the game, hold the ball well and have players that can imbalance in one-on-one situations. We need to know where to put pressure in the output of the ball. The rival will put their best players and we need to go out thinking that we need to be 200 ready%”

Álvaro Vázquez out for tactical reasons: "It isn’t really a punishment, we treated him as one more player."

Winter window: “Going into the winter market it is a sign that things were bad in the summer, thought we will see options. If there’s some movement, then sporting management is prepared in case you get some reasonably good proposal. We understand that the priority is to recover the injured players as we have a group in which everyone wants to be here.”



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