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08 Jan 2017
Depor rescued a point, but the 4-4-2 draw never worked. Guilherme, Borges and Tytoń were important and once again there were complaints towards the work of the referee.

The ten notes from the game against RCD Espanyol:

1- The scheme didnít work: Garitano presented a 4-4-2 formation and the presence of two strikers didnít bring the expected depth in attack, because Joselu had little impact in the game. The Galician attacker only appeared twice in the game, first to collect a cross from Juanfran inside the area that was cleared by a defender and then to head out the loose ball after Borges hit the crossbar.

Andone had more presence in attack and was always pressing the rival and making them feeling uncomfortable; actually, the goal came from a corner-kick earned by him after putting pressure over a defender. The problem for the Romanian is that he only touched the ball in 25 opportunities, the lowest number among the starters for Depor.

The switch into a 4-4-2 draw also affected other players, more precisely it meant to move «olak into the right wing and the Turkish had a grey performance there. He appeared when he moved himself into the centre, but later he didnít bring danger on the wing, he made eight crosses and the only one that meant something was the corner-kick that ended in the goal.

2- The presence of Guilherme and Borges: Without a doubt Guilherme and Borges have earned a starring role at Depor. The Galicians were suffering a lot within the first fifteen minutes, but all changed as soon as Guilherme delayed his position on the field. The Brazilian was the key to avoid the counterattack for Espanyol and ended the game as the player with more touches (78). Meanwhile, Borges appeared in key moments. He hit the crossbar once, scored the goal and in the first half he cleared the ball at the box after an error of Sidnei.

3- At the last minute: Depor were once again close to lose a game at the last minute after starting leading in the scoresheet. It happened against Sevilla CF and MŠlaga CF. This time the Galicians were lucky as Javi Fuego was unable to score from the goal line in the free-kick of Jurado that hit the crossbar. What was a fact is that, for the sixth time on this season, Deportivo were unable to win a game after scoring the first goal.

4- Tytoń: The Polish made three saves in the game, the three of them in a frame of five minutes in the second part. It was before Deporís goal and it was key to rescue a point. He has earned the starting role after the doubts had with Lux at the beginning of the season.

5- The perfect number of Bruno Gama: Winger Bruno Gama has been criticized throughout the season for his little impact in attack, and in this game, despite competing three shots, he left the same feeling after been switched to the left wing. But there was an interesting number with him as in this game: he completed the 100% of his passes after touching the ball in 48 opportunities, an unusual thing taking in mind he was a starter replaced at minute 84.

6- The referees: The fans were once again upset with the referee as he seemed to have a different book of rules at the moment of judging Depor. Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea didnít whistle a clear penalty over Juanfran ad later didnít want to show a series of yellow cards to Espanyolís players in actions where they were cutting a counterattack for Depor without the possibility of touching the ball, Salva Sevilla was favoured as he could have been sent off in one of these actions (he was booked previously in the first half).

7- Nine straight games scoring a goal: Depor were unable to extend the mark of straight matches scoring at least twice, but it extended to nine the number of liga games scoring at least once. The last time the team reached a similar mark was on the season 2008/09 (13).

8- Set-pieces: Deportivo proved one more time thatís a solid team scoring goals in set-pieces. The goal of Borges was the tenth in strategic plays (4 in free-kicks, 3 in corner-kicks and 3 penalties). Now the Galicians are tied with MŠlaga CF as the teams with more goals in set-pieces in la liga (10).

9- First goal at the RCD Stadium: This was the sixth visit of Deportivo to Espanyolís new stadium, now called RCD Stadium, and it was until now that the Galicians managed to score a goal there. In the previous five visits Depor lost four times and added a 0-0 draw.

10- Third red card on the season: Juanfranís red card meant the third expulsion for Depor in this liga season. The three of them took place in away matches, previously Fajr was sent off at Atlťtico Madrid after 47 minutes and Laure was sent off at FC Barcelona after 65 minutes. Only MŠlaga CF and RC Celta have suffered more expulsions in liga (both with five).



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