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10 Jan 2017
Important victory on the road, Fabril scored early in the game and wasted countless opportunities to have earned a bigger score. The referee committed huge errors in the second part.

Coach Cristobal Parrolo was losing centre-back Nacho Monsalve, who got injured during the week. Winger Óscar García was a starter after been picked by the first team for Friday’s game at RCD Espanyol. Marcos Legaz was still out for injury reasons.

The draw was a 4-3-3, Álex Cobo was the starting goalie, Blas Alonso performed at the right side of the defence, Lucas Viña did it at the left, the centre-backs were Quique Fornos and Arnau Campeny. Edu Expósito, Manu Molina and Álvaro Queijeiro were the centre midfielders, Óscar García attacked from the left wing, Borja Galán did it from the right, then Borja Domingo was the centre forward.

The rival was SD Compostela, a disappointment on the season as they were favourites to fight for the first places, but currently they remain far from the top spots. Coach Santiago Iglesias was missing attacker Mitogo for injury reasons, while keeper Manu Cedrón had left the team during the winter window. Ex-Fabril Santi Taboada was a starter. Tomás Abelleira, the top-scorer with six goals, was a starter too.

Good performance of Fabril to launch the year 2017, the team stroke at the start of the meeting and controlled the actions in every moment, though there was a back and forth at the beginning of the second part. The true is that the score should have been bigger, only Jardel missed six clear opportunities to score, Borja Galán had four, including a shot that hit the woodwork.

The game couldn’t have a better start for Fabril as the score was already 0-2 by minute 5. Borja Galán had a blocked shot and, after two straight corner-kicks, Lucas Viña opened the score heading downwards the cross in the second corner from Manu Molina.

Just two minutes later the other side defender, Blas Alonso, was scoring after collecting a deflection in a cross from Óscar, it was a counterattack in which the right-back fired with a precise shot from the edge of the area. Compostela were in shock and never reacted in the entire first part.

Instead it was Depor B the side accumulating opportunities, at minute 9, Manu Molina assisted Jardel and the shot by the Portuguese was blocked by local goalie Lucas Díaz. Two minutes later it was Borja Galán the one with an opportunity, again saved by Lucas Díaz.

The hurricane continued and Jardel missed two new opportunities in a matter of three minutes, the second was the clearest one with a shot that missed the target (17’). The Portuguese was one of the reasons why the score wasn’t bigger, because he missed his six opportunities.  Borja Galán missed four, but at least the latter was key in the generation of game and was the best player in the match.

And it’s that Fabril was creating an opportunity in every counterattack, SD Compostela started to have the ball more time, but later it was unable to create chances, while the quick plays by Galán, Óscar and Manu Molina gave a lot of problems to the local defence.

Like the cross from Borja Galán that was barely cleared to corner-kick. The first opportunity for the locals came until minute 27 and it was a wide shot of Mon. In the next play Fabril failed the output of the ball and SD Compostela scored after stealing the ball, but it was disallowed for an offside by Tomás. Fabril had five more opportunities in this half, the main one was a free-kick by Manu Molina that Jardel headed at the box, but he didn’t find the goal (41’).

The second half was characterized by two things; the reaction from Compostela and the big errors of referee Daniel Pastoriza. The locals pushed strongly at the start and the game became a back and forth as Fabril were also trying to attack.

At minute 48, a big play by Borja Galán ended with a cross of Jardel that was cleared by a defender. Then the errors of the referee started, first he was unable to see a clear penalty of Taboada over Jardel (58’), later he inexplicably disallowed a clear chance that should was the third goal for Depor B.

It was a bad back pass from a defender to his keeper that Jardel got to face Lucas Díaz one-on-one, but the assistant indicated an offside when the Portuguese was about to score (61’). The referee also failed at the moment of showing the cards, because Óscar (he spent a few minutes out with a knock), Borja Galán and Arnau suffered hard tackles and the referee didn’t even whistle the foul.

Compostela surrendered for the final twenty minutes and Fabril continued having clear chances to score. At minute 65, Jardel was again heading the ball inside the box and this time a defender cleared the danger at the goal line.

At minute 74, Cardeñosa cleared the ball when Óscar was about to score, three minutes later Borja Galán hit the woodwork. It was a combination between Edu Expósito and Óscar that ended with a strong shot from Galán.

Parrolo made the changes until the stoppage time, perhaps worried for the tough fouls over his best players Thus Borja Domingo, Corredera and Hugo Rama entered for Jardel, Óscar and Manu Molina.

Convincing victory for a Depor B that could have scored more goals if Jardel and Borja Galán would have been more effective. Fabril remain third at the standings and on next weekend they visit Bergantiños CF. This game should have been played at Abegondo in this round, but both clubs exchanged the dates as the field at As Eiroas was under treatment.

Compostela: (4-2-3-1) Lucas Díaz – Saro, Cabrejo, Cardeñosa, Taboada – Ube (Make 73’), Diego Rey (Nogueira 32’) – Samu (Rubén 58’), Santi Gegunde, Mon - Tomás
Deportivo B: (4-3-3) Alex Cobo – Blas Alonso, Fornos, Arnau, Lucas -  Edu Expósito, Manu Molina (Corredera 90+1’), Queijeiro -  Borja Galán, Jardel (Borja Domingo 90+1’), Óscar (Hugo Rama 90+3’).
Goals: 0-1: (2’) Lucas Viña, 0-4: (4’) Blas Alonso
Referee: Daniel Pastoriza Iglesias. He showed yellow card to Arnau (72’), Make (76’), Cardeñosa (82’), Óscar (88’), Rubén (89’) & Tomás (89’)
Venue: San Lázaro (800)




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