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11 Jan 2017
Depor’s coach is aware that his team is short, but assures that his men will try to pass the round using the same philosophy of la liga. Alavés’ manager announced rotations as he has depth at his squad.

Gaizka Garitano conceded hi press conference on Tuesday’s noon, he talked for eleven minutes and analyzed the current situation at his squad. He explained why Álex isn’t playing and announced that Borja Valle will play in Copa. The following is the summary of the things he said.

Óscar García: “He is on the roster, like anybody else he is able to play. The club told me today that I can count with him, so I picked him [He was booked with Fabril on Sunday and was suspended. The club appealed the yellow card]”

Copa Del Rey: “It’s a pretty instance. We are in the final rounds and are facing it with the hope to pass the round. We are also thinking of Saturday’s game, but don’t want to leave this competition and in this sense, tomorrow’s game is a final, and it’s a final as we need to win or instead we are out.”

Needing goals: “We will play as always, we need to score more goals than the rival and in this sense the plan isn’t changing. It’s also true that things are clear, what we need to do, so we are facing a tough game, but I hope it will be the same for them. I expect the game will be decided until the final minutes.”

Short squad: “We are tight. In some positions, especially in attack. Since the start of the season we are only having problems, now it’s Bruno [Gama], he will undergo scans today and let’s hope it won’t be for too much, because we have too little room for those positions. We play tomorrow, but later also on Saturday and we are coming from two games, so we need to administrate the minutes in those positions.”

Álex Bergantiños: “It is a tactical decision. I talked to him, the problem is that we are counting more with the other three, Celso, Guille and Mosquera, and it’s the position with more people and less injuries, so it’s the problem to not see him playing. Surely it can affect you as when you don’t play you feel bad. It’s difficult, but there are other players doing well and in the end it’s only a tactical decision. I talked to him and, if he stays, then it’s fine, because we valorize him. But without having minutes I won’t stop an exit, manly been the captain. But Borges, Mosquera and Guilherme are playing and we didn’t have injuries and neither suspensions there.”

Moving players to other positions: “The only invention that we can make is to see Luisinho playing more advanced, as it has happened before, the rest it is what we have. Inventions? none.”

Laure: “It is the good news. He has been off for a while and what we don’t want is to see him injured again. Now we have the casualty of Juanfran, so… tomorrow’s there’s a game, but without wanting we are also thinking of Saturday’s game. So, we already have the plan for tomorrow, but also think of Saturday.”

Signings: “I am not worried. We said before that this market is difficult and needs time, nothing more. I am only the coach and want to get the best performance from what I have. The club takes care of the rest.”

Borja Valle: “Tomorrow he will play, and it was the right decision to keep him. If he could stay you should ask the club. I am convinced with him and have no doubts, I will never told a player to leave when I count with him, but if he comes and says that he wants to leave in order to have minutes, then it’s fine. He wanted to leave in order to play and I am will never say no.”

Alavés: “They defend pretty well and have quick attacks. Their defence is strong, but we created a lot of problems on here during the second half. We will try to do the same, but must also know that we need to defend well. You saw it at San Mamés. They concede too little and we need to score and not allow. It’s the same philosophy, but it’s stronger now for the 2-2 result that’s forcing us to be strong in defence and also score. The game will have tempos and we need to face it as any game in la liga.”

Centre-backs: “They are fine. We have three centre-backs and tomorrow two of the three will play, on Saturday other two. In the end we are exchanging them, mainly now that we play twice in a week. We are content with the three. It’s true that one is dragging a knock [Sidnei] and the other has a broken hand [Albentosa], but this is normal, nothing serious.”

Juanfran: “I believe we presented an appeal to the card that he saw.”

Mauricio Pellegrino talked to reporters on Monday’s afternoon. He announced rotations compared to the first-leg and didn’t see any problem defending the set-pieces after the criticism from the press. The following is the summary of the things he said.

Complicate game: “This is an equal meeting between two balances teams that won’t change anything until the final 25 minutes. We have 51% of chances as we are playing at home now and they have the 49%, but it isn’t a big difference. I am expecting for a similar game to the one played on last week. Each game is different and it will be the same now. Both teams need to do things in order to stay alive and I hope we can have a good game.”

Copa: “For me the league is like everyday food, because we live from it and the survival of Alavés is the priority. So the Copa is like a desert, we are facing it with hope and, since we have players for it, we are facing it with depth. As long as we have time for the rest, we can compete against anyone.”

Rotations: Yes, we are making changes. Everyone knows that we have an equal squad, there are a lot of players that are equal in different positons and it means good news for us. Everyone can play and, since there’s exhaustion, we will try to present the best possible team, because no matter who plays I prepared the game in the best possible way.”

Defending the set-pieces: “We defended well in the 98% of the opportunities, the main problem was to give the dominion to the rival within the last 25 minutes. We need to learn from what we did right in order to advance and try to repeat the good game displayed during 70 minutes.”

Goalkeeper Fernando Pacheco: “He is under treatment with the doctor and will pass a late test tomorrow [Tuesday]. He is in conditions to be on the bench, but I prefer to not see him play, this in order to avoid a worse situation, because the most important part of the season is about to come.”



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