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13 Jan 2017
Garitano believes that his team was too hurried at the moment of defining the plays, while the players were sad, but conscious that the team needs to focus in la liga.

Coach Gaizka Garitano believes that Deportivo missed patience to define the tie, “You leave screwed when you are eliminated after playing a good game. We went to the break losing 1-0 when we were better, even eleven against eleven. It was a pity. Later we were superior been eleven against ten, but missed more patience, to add more passes, but didn’t have enough to pass the round. We can only congratulate Alavés.”

He continued insisting that his men were too hurried, “We tried, and if there’s something to emphasize is that we lacked more patience. Having enough time to score some passes were too hurried, they were locked at the back. We didn’t need to arrive so often, but to have better chances, which means to add more and more passes and force them to go from one side to the other. We did it at times, but missed more.”

“In any case, we couldn’t be losing in the first half when the game was eleven against eleven. Joselu missed a clear chance at the end, their keeper made a big save and we hit the post in the first part. We didn’t have the needed luck.” He added.

Finally, Garitano was also worried for the exhaustion of been playing in two competitions, “Right now we need to recover, because we are short with the squad. We must now think of Saturday. It was a bad thing, because in the end we had to use players that were performing before, now we need to prepare Saturday’s game.”

Luisinho commented that, “We were fine after a first part that was balanced, at least we reached this stage with the chance to pass. It was difficult in the first half, we knew it was going to be difficult, but we gave our best. They are solidary at the back, we knew it as at the Riazor they were locked at the back after claiming the advantage.  And on here their game was clear. We had our chances and if you don’t’ seize them then you cannot complain.”

Still, the Portuguese was content with the performance of the team, “The team demonstrates game after game that it is strong, we had some last-minute casualties, but the group is strong. We must follow this path. This is a hard hit, but we cannot lose the attention and need to focus in liga. We know the second round will be long.”

Borja Valle was feeling disappointed with the elimination, “We did everything in order to pass. We were convinced it was going to be like that and did the right things. We were brave and did everything to pass. It’s a pity. Now we must think of la liga. We had chances, if the chance of Joselu would have entered then we would be talking of different things. This wasn’t a hard hit, it was just a pity.”

The striker was explaining his situation at the club as he hasn’t been loaned out due to the casualties at the squad, “In the end everything was a little weird, I must look for me. I want opportunities and want to play football. If it isn’t on here, then I must look elsewhere. Buy beyond anything Depor is first and, obviously, I cannot leave it there. I am only thinking of Deportivo, don’t know how it could be, but we will see. No one should think that I am thinking of Elche. I am just grateful with the club.”

Juanfran was explained the play of Theo’s expulsion, “I will need some stitches. At the time it was clear it was a hard hit, but well… I didn’t think it was too serious, but he [Theo] never apologized, because I think he knows that it was a hard hit. I had a deep wound, but it wasn’t so serious. I was worried as I expected the worst, but nothing happened.”

The right-back admitted the problems in this game, but was content with the performance of the team, “We were too hurried in some plays, but the team has a good dynamic and we had presence in attack. We will have signings to cover the casualties and must try to improve what we did in the first round, people must continue feeling proud of Depor as they currently are. I believe the team fought until the end. I can only say to the fans thanks for the support and must try to do a second round that will help us to fight for bigger goals on next season.”

At Alavés, coach Mauricio Pellegrino was happy as his team passed the round, “I ended with the feeling that both games turned to be complicated. We have made a good game in terms of sacrifice facing a team with good players, we earned the chance to play two more games. For us it means a lot to be in quarterfinals, because it’s a chance to continue growing and move on with the project.”



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