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16 Jan 2017
The coach and the players weren’t content with the final result, while Arribas complained that there was a penalty over him. Villarreal’s coach said that the result was fair.

Coach Gaizka Garitano wasn’t content with the result, “We played against a very good team and I highly valorise the game we have done, but I am not content with the result. Yes, I was content with the team, but the result… truly there were only a few chances, but the two clearest opportunities were ours, once again it was a game of Depor, yes, it’s good to draw, but I sincerely believe that we could have won, that’s why I leave content with the performance of the team, but not so much with the result.”

“We were fine defensively and generated enough to have scored and we didn’t do it. In one sense I am content because, with the casualties we had, and with how the team was, we were fine, but I go home unsatisfied with the result. The true is that, within the first fifteen minutes, they didn’t force us to run too much and later and created enough in attack, only a few teams can do this before Villarreal, and once again the feeling is that we could have won.” He added.

The Basque man was explained why he switched into a 4-2-3-1 formation, “Emre [Çolak] loses some level when we put him on the wing, so if we want to play with two strikers then we need to switch the system or put Emre towards the right, we neither had a long full-back as we were playing with Laure. We didn’t have Juanfran and we cannot fit the whole puzzle at the same time. There will be times when we cannot play with two strikers, today Emre was fine at the centre.”

He also explained why Arribas was a starter replacing Albentosa, “We have three good centre-backs and we will keep using them. Today I considered that, as Villarreal have two short strikers, with more mobility and playing more at the centre, in that sense Arribas could help us more as he is faster. That’s why I was content with him and he was doing a good job recently.”

Finally, and surprisingly, Garitano talked of Kakuta despite the club hadn’t confirmed his signing at the moment of the press conference, “Yes, I know him, I liked him from his stage at Rayo and we will see how he is. He’s coming from China and I want to watch them. As long as I don’t see them… but I know him and I believe he can add good things. If he comes it will be to help us, just like the case of Ola John.”

Neither Luisinho was content with the draw, “It was a difficult rival, we watched their game with Barcelona and knew they had good players. They are at the top of the standings and knew we were going to find difficulties. Now we deserved the victory as we had more opportunities to score, but we didn’t score and the point tastes like little.”

“The game was balanced, we had better chances compared to Villarreal and it was important to end with 23 points, but it wasn’t possible. We knew that both sides were tired at the end, especially after the Copa game. We were unable to add the three points and now must think of the next game at Las Palmas. “ He added.

Alejandro Arribas complaining during the week for his lack of minutes, now he was happy for playing, “I am very content, because it’s the first time the coach choses me before other partners. In the rest of games that I played at Primera División it was for an injury or suspension, but this time he chose me and I am content, also content with the game of the team. I believe we had chances to score, but we are satisfied with the work done and for achieving a clean sheet, which was important.”

He was complaining for a possible penalty during a corner-kick of Çolak, “He grabbed me, yes I didn’t reach the ball, but he grabbed me without a reason and it can be seen in the repetition. For me it was penalty because he grabbed my shirt. You can have blocks and collisions there, but in the end a grab is there. And the referee was behind me, but nothing happens, some days they take away and some days they give you things.”

At Villarreal CF, Fran Escribá said that the result was fair and he was conscious of the casualties at his team, “Today we missed the goal, today we missed people, today we played with two strikers and none of them were our regular references.”

“Everybody likes to win and that’s what we always search, but when you don’t win then you, at least, must try not to lose. For that reason, this was a fair draw. We have a good team, but if you miss somebody up front then we must remember that the goal cost money. It’s the most expensive thing in football and it´s logical. The fans could think that the game was boring, but it was a complicate game, with a short score.” He added.



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