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20 Jan 2017
Depor’s coach alerts that his team isn’t out of relegation problems, while he hinted that Arribas will be a starter. Las Palmas’ coach said that this is his worst week at the club due to the internal problems with some players.

Gaizka Garitano addressed the media on Thursday’s noon in a long press conference that lasted nineteen minutes. He left the feeling that Luisinho and Arribas will be starters, while he insisted that Depor need to start winning away from home. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Roster with nineteen players: “Yes, we have a player with some issues and so, since it’s a long trip, this is a precaution and we are travelling with nineteen. I don’t think we are having problems, but we are traveling with one more player, just in case. It’s not Andone, it’s someone else. Fabril’s players [Óscar and Jardel] will have time as they play on Sunday, so we travel with nineteen.”

Improving performance: “I think we still have some room for improvement, we are in a good line, but not enough to win games. And you see that this is difficult at Primera División. We travel to Las Palmas, they have achieved good results there and it’s difficult, but our team is close to its best version.”

“The team, without counting the games with Celta and Barcelona, was always competitive and we were close to win or tie. The trues it that we are reliable and must keep this against good teams like Espanyol and Villarreal, so the idea is to be competitive in Las Palmas, especially to win. We want to end the first round winning on the road, because you are penalized if you don’t do it.”

Away victory: “It’s our pending subject. The first round is ending and nothing will be better than to achieve the first away victory. We have been close, but didn’t do it before.”

Casualties at Las Palmas. “We never complain for our casualties. Truly many teams at Primera División are facing difficulties in January, Las Palmas have problems and we too, but it cannot be an excuse.”

Ola John and Kakuta: “Their fitness will dictate the course. Kakuta is currently better, as soon as he starts to train he will be available, in the case of Ola John he needs more time.”

Ascending positions: “The goal right now is to connect with the clubs that are close to us, and to be at mid-table, it is the goal and it’s hard. We still in the fight at the bottom. This is long and difficult, but this is our main goal, to connect with the clubs above us, and for this we need an away victory.”

4-4-2 and 4-2-3-1: “Even when Emre [Çolak] plays on the right he ends attached to the centre. Right now we have a problem on the wings, so we need to fix it. We don’t have Bruno, Carles Gil, Kakuta, Ola John and Borja Valle, so right now the way to play is forced by the circumstances, in this sense we can use both systems. We must try to put the best lineup with the men we have.”

Relegation battle: “The distance with demotion is tricky, we still down there, truly with more points, but the first mistake will be to think that we must be more relaxed. I already talked with the players about it: we still there and must try to connect with the upper teams.”

Winter market: “Until the window closes there could be exits and arrivals. It is a subject of the club. We got two new players and my goal is to have them fit as soon as possible; just like we did with Ryan Babel, we will try to convert a player that wasn’t’ active into an active one.”

Guilherme: “I believe the key was to give him continuity, truly at the beginning he didn’t match the expectations, but we insisted as I know him from his stages in Brazil and Italy. He spent a year without playing and we knew he was going to add things with confidence.”

Pedro Mosquera: “I feel glad with everyone, also with Álex Bergantiños. The problem is to find a room for them. I cannot put the four of them at the start. I think that Pedro didn’t go out of the lineups for a bad performance, but for the good work of other players. I believe Celso [Borges] and Guille [Guilherme] are in a good level. I rely in the four centre midfielders, but there’s no room for all of them.”

Albentosa: “I guess he is pissed for been out [he smiled], just like I was when I wasn’t playing. It’s logical, but we count with the three centre-backs. We are content with them and we chose the ones that fit into the games.”

Marlos Moreno: “We are treating him with love, he is a lad at his 19 coming from Colombia. It isn’t easy. He is a hard worker and has a fantastic attitude. Truly it has been hard to adapt, bur he is only 19. He is young and it has been hard.”

Luisinho as left winger: “I said before that I don’t love the idea of playing with two full-backs at the same side, but due to the circumstance we are playing like this and he did a good job in the past game. He can add a lot of things. It isn’t easy to play as full-back and later there, we didn’t even have time to train it.”

Las Palmas: “They have quality if you give them the ball, Roque Mesa and Jonathan Viera, and up front they feel comfortable with the ball, so you need to defend well. No one has won there, and I believe that we can do well if we have the ball. We are a team that do things at the moment of having the ball. What happens is that they absorb the ball and don’t let you have it, so you need to defend well, because they try to dominate you.”

Fabril’s players: “Personally the jump is big from passing to Tercera to Primera División, it is big, but if we see that they match the level of a top player, then we will put them. If they haven’t played yet it is because I believe there are better players at the first team. We work with them in order to keep improving, we want to see them as future players, but they play at Tercera and the jump is difficult.”

Quique Setién offered his press conference on Friday’s afternoon. He admitted disciplinary problems and seemed concern ahead of the game against Depor due to the casualties and the characteristics of the Galician team. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Deportivo: "I think it’s one of the rivals that, right now, it’s one of the most complicated ones, not to mention Barcelona, Real Madrid and these teams. It may be similar to ours, it's going to be complicated, a lot, it's going to be a tremendously complicated match. I'm worried about many things; they have resources and have fixed matches with that facet. And then there are some important players that I think are very good and it will certainly be a very disputed and even match. "

Physical condition of the players: "We are not having much luck lately. Already in Madrid we had some problems, we have lost players and others are dragging issues. Some had to leave the training and this is a handicap, because they are players who give us a lot and we are going to lose them now. But it’s a circumstance that happens to all teams at some point. We should trust that those who go out in their place will do well and demonstrate the level they have. We'll go out and compete with eleven men and play a good role, sure."

Casualties for the game: "The only one we had in doubt was Pedro Bigas. Today he didn’t end the training, the feelings aren’t good. He could be fit for tomorrow, but it’s the only one that we aren’t going to risk, so he isn’t in the roster. The problem he has is not serious, but he has pain that prevents him from being comfortable. In other cases the players have had problems but they are fine now, today they have completed the training without problems.”

The hardest week: "Since I've been here, this has probably been the most difficult week I've had for different reasons. The first is that we started the week very well, making a great game in Madrid, we all felt very satisfied, we created huge expectations for the Barcelona match; we all thought we could get something in Barcelona, leave an impression and even discuss many things. And from that idea, which was in an enormous proportion of illusion and desire, the circumstances were totally reversed from what we had thought. In Madrid we suffered injuries and some problems, during the game with Barcelona we also had things. Right now the team is not quite right. The players are not quite right, neither am I."

Discipline: “There will be a series of consequences for things that have happened on this week and I am forced to make the decisions that I made. It's my way of looking at things. I try to see how the pieces are on the board right now, but also how they are going to be inside eight moves. This week there are things like Jony [Jonathan Viera], who was sent to the corner for a few days. Others who have had a behavior that doesn’t correspond are forcing me to take the steps that I will take, always believing that it’s the best for the club, the team and me. This is not a whim, because things have happened that… I will not give details, but what has happened cannot happen and those who have to know are the players. We demand a behavior that’s appropriate for the image of the club, that’s the most important thing and we must know that these decisions have been taken because the behavior of certain lads hasn’t been the one that has to be, and this cannot be allowed.”

Changes in the system: "I just hope that the players who will jump into the field will give everything. I'll try to convince them to clean their heads on the field. I ask the fans to support us, because there are bad times and I have a bit of perspective, because we cannot do it alone. "



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