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30 Jan 2017
The defensive errors cost a game in which Garitano recovered his wingers, but the coach was still having offensive problems. Once again, an error by the referee cost to lose points.

The five notes from the game at SD Eibar:

1- The distractions in defence: Terrible game of the whole defence, in fifteen minutes they have already conceded two goals and three goal opportunities despite the warnings of Garitano. In the first goal Arribas and Juanfran reacted too late before the combination between Enrich and Adrián, only two minutes later Sidnei committed a huge error in the output of the ball that only an opportune interception by Juanfran prevented to end in goal.

The second goal came out from a corner-kick in which Navarro made a bad clearance, later Sidnei was misplaced and Arribas couldn’t do anything before Enrich. And the third goal was a repetition of the error, this time Çolak made the bad clearance after a corner-kick and the whole defence just couldn’t find the way to react properly in what they thought it was an offside. Garitano said that the softness in defence was the key to the game.

2- The problem at the left wing: Garitano recovered his wingers for the game, but it doesn’t mean that the lack of depth was fixed in a stroke of a pen. In this game Bruno Gama was improvised as a left winger and the offense felt it, because the Portuguese spent more time stuck at the right side of midfield, which pulled Andone to the wing in order to get the ball, which meant more sacrifice for the striker as he constantly had to face one-on-one actions trying to penetrate by that side.

3- The position of Çolak; The problem at the left wing was aggrieved with the position of Emre Çolak. The Turkish was more a funnel, waiting for the ball at midfield and then running towards both wings, thus he was never arriving from the second line and it was another reason why Andone was looking too alone. In one of the few opportunities in which Çolak arrived from the second line he scored seizing the cross from Carles Gil.

4- The debut of Gaël Kakuta; Little was expected from the latest signing of Depor as he is still adapting, and the true is that the Frenchman wasn’t a factor after touching the ball 23 times in the 31 minutes he spent on the pitch, but at least left the impression of adding skills on the sides with a couple of individual moves, especially a double nutmeg over a rival when the score was already 3-1.

5- Another error by the referee: Deportivo keep increasing their “collection” of referee’s decisions that affect a final result. For the fifth time on the season the Galicians felt that a call by the referee should have changed the picture for them. This time Juan Martínez Munuera wasn’t brave enough to whistle a clear penalty of Lejeune over Çolak, the centre-back arrived late and tackled the playmaker from behind in what should have been a penalty when the score still was 2-1.

In previous four matches Deportivo felt affected by the referees, against Real Madrid in a game that could have ended in a 2-2. A not conceded penalty cost the game as from a possible 3-1 situation Depor passed to lose 2-3 against Sevilla CF. One matchday before a disallowed goal against Granada CF cost to drop two points, and before a new disallowed goal that was legal cost the first defeat on the season against Athletic Club (matchday 03). So, in a hypothetical case, Depor have lost eight points due to decisions by the referees.



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