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30 Jan 2017
Disappointment after the game, the players with the result and the coach with the softness of the defence. Eibar’s coach admitted that Deportivo deserved more from this match.

Coach Gaizka Garitano was feeling sorry for the defensive errors committed by his team, “The issue was there. We weren’t worse in the game, but were soft in defence and they are strong there. They were better in the opposite area and the game was there. We didn’t start well and were improving, later we had twenty very good minutes in the second half, time when we could have tied. We had several clear chances, plus some polemic call, and the 3-1 is a pity.”

The Basque manager didn’t want to say too much about the possible penalty over Çolak, “I don’t know. The players told me that it was, and I have my own opinion watching from the stands, but it’s always subjective. I am the coach of Depor and always watch penalties.”

Later he insisted that Depor missed to seize its good moment at the start of the second half, “The key was there. We had twenty minutes in which we surpassed them, like they did at the start of the game, we had chances to score and the 2-2 was close, and it was a pity to allow the 3-1”

“They are faster than us and we don’t have strength in our area. The game can be resumed like that. They are a team that’ strong at both areas. We weren’t worse than them in the game, but the true is that we didn’t score the 2-2 after spending a while at their area, and we were too soft in defence.” He added.

Finally, Garitano was feeling sorry as his players didn’t get the message that Eibar is a dangerous team within the first minutes of the games, “Yes, we commented it during the talking. In the end, they were strong within the first ten minutes. As you keep warning more about it, the more you end suffering it. In the second half, it was the same, but with us attacking and it was a pity to not score the 2-2.”

Alejandro Arribas was disappointed with the result, “Each half was dominated by one team, in the first they were better and it was reflected in the scoresheet. In the second Depor were very superior and I don’t remember a shot for them until they scored the third in a rebound of a corner-kick. Zero shots. And we had clear chances and a penalty, well… we can only keep working. We made a good game and the score doesn’t reflect what we did.”

“The other day we played worse at Las Palmas, much worse, today we did it better. We made a very good second half. We had chances and a penalty that wasn’t whistled, their keeper was fine and we failed too much. Someday the ball will enter.” The centre-back added.

Emre Çolak, who barely can speak Spanish, wanted to talk to reporters and express his opinion on the penalty that wasn’t whistled over him, “It was clear! A very clear penalty.” He said in Spanish.

Florin Andone had mixed feelings after the game, “The first fifteen minutes were pretty bad, they were strong and we were bad. We saw the 0-2 in the score and the true is that it is difficult to go against a team like this, especially at their home, but we reacted quickly, we scored a goal and tried in every possible way. We weren’t able to do it and lost 3-1, but since minute 30 we tried and I left with a bittersweet taste in the mouth and it’s one more away game without winning, but I am satisfied with the attitude from my partners, because we didn’t surrender.”

The striker was also feeling sorry for missing two clear chances in the second half, “I am disappointed for my shot, for his save. The true is that it was a big save. I tried my best and I was a little scared to lose the ball. I tried a strong shot and I am a little upset with that chance.  If it wasn’t for him [the keeper], it would have been a different game. We could have even won.”

Celso Borges talked on Sunday as he analysed the game and the feelings of the players, “To lose is something that can never be positive. You always reflect on it, it is a bad day for us and we have to think of Friday, but we must analyse what happened. I believe we deserve an away win and can only try to fix it. The feeling that we deserved more is balsamic, but the final result is telling you that you are missing things.  “

“The early goals conditioned the game, later we balanced the actions, until the point of having a lot chances to tie. We won’t stop fighting and this is long. Without doubt we will be relieved if we achieve an away win, but we hope to revert it. I believe the team tried since the start, but the hit of an early goal is hard to surpass. I would love to have the words to explain it, but I understand that people think we don’t start strong in the games.” The midfielder added.

President Tino Fernández talked to reporters on Sunday as he attended to Abegondo for Fabril’s game. He commented that, “The victories will come. I believe we were too soft at the back in this game. I believe we deserved more in the second part, but football is like this. It was incredible that the equalizer didn’t arrive, besides there was an important error by the referee. The referee was fine, but it’s also true that there was a penalty that might have changed the game. You are dominating, they score the 3-1 and football is like this.”

Depor’s boss also denied that the club will sign Fede Cartabia during the winter window as the Argentine is about to rescind with Valencia, "There's nothing. I believe we have enough squad. There’s variety on the wings, we have saw Kakuta and we still have to see Ola John. We don't need overbooking. I believe we won't make more signings in the winter window. The current squad doesn’t need reinforcements. Another thing is to sign him for the future. Off course he is an interesting player, but it's already clear the squad that will end the season."

At SD Eibar, José Luis Mendilibar admitted that Depor deserved more from this match, “I believe they have played better. Deportivo could have deserved more of what they are taking. The first half was more open and in the second they dominated, both in the possession and with the opportunities. Yoel pulled the team forward, the keepers are there for that, today he made a lot of saves.”



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