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11 Dec 2006
The same players admitted that Deportivo made an awful match in Mestalla. Everyone criticised the performance of the squad. Another thing that awoke negative comments was the play of the penalty, Juanma expressed his frustration and called for more honesty on the pitches. Another interesting fact is that several players are appointing the next game against Athletic Bilbao as a final.

Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s didn't want to talk about the work done by the referee, he preferred to criticise the performance of his team: "We can't fool ourselves. People told me that it wasn't a penalty, and that play can be considered as a crucial one in this game, but it's also true that we never reached the level that we wanted at the beginning."

The Sevillan coach continued with his criticism against the team and promised a reaction: "We knew that Valencia was coming to this game under a great pressure, and we allowed them to score an early goal. We should be more precise. This squad must give a lot more. This should be a fact and not simple words. We have to tighten up things, there's nothing else to do. I can guarantee you that this team will show the character that we are missing."

The polemic in this game was generated in the penalty action of Juanma over Villa, and it was clear that the ex-Zaragoza invented the infraction since Juanma touched the ball first. Sportpaper Marca reported that Juanma faced Villa after the referee called the penalty. "It wasn't a penalty! It wasn't a penalty! It wasn't a penalty! What you have done is a thing of a bad partner!" was the reclamation of the Andalucian defender. Villa excused himself saying that "he jump to avoid the tackle of Juanma, and not to generate a penalty."

After the game, Juanma had new complains about the penalty: "The situation shouldn't be like this, you can't simulate a penalty that never happened. We should be helping ourselves and trying to be more honest in these kind of plays. I know that I never touched him, and he also knows it, and now what?... now I can't play the next game. I am very frustrated and pissed off! They left us with ten men on the pitch and with a difficult result on the score. It's too much punishment for the work that we are doing. Now we can just face the game with Athletic as if it was a final."

Dudu Aouate was another player that gave a great importance to the next match against Athletic: "We must react after allowing eight goals in three matches. It must be against Athletic. We left things happening around us after the 2-0, but before that, we didn't show a good image either, and we can't lose more games. We have enough qualities to solve the situation and win a match. The next game is fundamental. We can't lose, we can't!"

Albert Lopo had to abandon the game since he felt a strong pain in the knee, the Catalan knew that the case was serious: "I am upset, it's probably that I am suffering a rupture, but it isn't certain. I don't know how much time I will be out of action, but it won't be for a short time because it happened in a complicated zone."

More criticism was expressed by Riki: "We have suffered a strong hit, but we should overcome the situation. The game was really bad and we should give a better image, especially for our fans. It's necessary a radical change, on Saturday we have a final against Athletic Bilbao."

Filipe Luis was another player that expressed his frustration about this match: "We are going through a difficult moment, because nobody likes to lose 4-0. We have to win the next game in any possible way. All the teams that lose several games lives a similar situation, but we have enough quality to change things and achieve something. We have to forget our errors and I hope to count on the support of the fans on Saturday's game."

Manuel Pablo fulfilled his fifth match of the season, this mean that the Canarian defender can't be transferred to another Primera club during the winter market. But Manuel Pablo is more worried about the situation of Deportivo: "The only thing that matters to me is the personal level of Deportivo, because I can't play with any other team in Spain."

Youngster Adri??n L??pez was uncomfortable with the fact that he failed two clear opportunities to score during the last minutes of the match: "I enjoyed two clear chances, but I didn't fulfil them. I have to think carefully about those plays. After the expulsion and with the 2-0 in the score, we were unable to do something."

In Valencia everything was happiness, David Albelda returned after eight weeks, a fact that was a satisfaction to him: "My condition was better than the one I was expecting to see. I didn't know if I would play, and at the end I did it well." The midfielder also admitted that the penalty was the play that defined the game: "With the 2-0 in the score, everything was against Deportivo. Since then, my work was more comfortable and I was able to recuperate my strength."

Coach Quique S??nchez Flores was really happy with the performance of his team: "We were needing a victory. It was important and the only thing that was interesting us. It was a really comfortable match, it was favourable to us since the beginning. We were needing this joy and to change our mental state. Now I hope that we will start to improve our performance little by little."

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