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02 Feb 2017
The sporting director of Deportivo talked to reporters and analyzed the situation of the team after the winter window. He is content with the squad and believes that there shouldn’t be excuses to secure the permanence.

Richard Barral, the sporting director of the club, conceded a press conference on Wednesday after the closure of the transfer window. He talked to reporters for 30 minutes and explained the arrival of Cartabia, his expectations for the rest of the season and also explained the current status of several players. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Winter window: “We signed what we thought was necessary: two wingers for the exit of Babel and because there were injuries in that zone of the field, as example Bruno Gama and Carles Gil, so it was necessary. Later the issue with Fede Cartabia, who you know is a player that we wanted and that, at this point, there was the chance to sign him without paying, so we hurried up and we already have him in property. I believe we signed two good players and it was what we needed.”

Davy Roef and Rubén: “I believe it was a good operation, Rubén was asking for minutes after the elimination in Copa, the chance with Anderlecht came out and since that point we had to fix the issue of the third keeper, Anderlecht were open to give us Davy and we are even saving the wages of Rubén until June, and he has the chance to have minutes and arrive on shape in June.”

Cartabia: “If his freedom would have arrived before then we surely would have only made one signing for the wings, but it arrived now and I think it was a good operation: we have a good player signed for the next five years. Fede bet on Deportivo and we bet on Fede.”
“The situation with Fede was a last-minute thing, we signed two wingers, Bruno Gama was recovered, Carles Gil was recovered, and if we would have put a new player for the sides then I believe we could have a problem for the coach. The coach manages well the squad, but we cannot bring overbooking to him. “

The loan of Cartabia: “He already knew it, we had an agreement with him and before we valorized his signing, but it wasn’t possible. He was told by his agent and we neither can wait. We made two signings and now that he was close it was too late.”

Why a five-year contract with Cartabia? “He is a good player and free. He is only 24 and already knows A Coruña. The fans know him and he's a player that offered a big performance. We still are going to have loans as we cannot afford a lot of long contracts, but when these opportunities knock at the door we must grab them. Now the base is bigger, we have more players in property.”

Álex Bergantiños: “I believe that all the teams need four centre midfielders, it’s true that he hasn’t entered into the plans until know, but there’s still the whole second round, we can have injuries and suspensions and he could enter. It was clear to us that we would only sign a centre midfielder if Álex would have left, but he stays. The club is still counting with Álex Bergantiños. He thought about offers, but later considered to continue and the club was enchanted.”

Last-minute offers: “The true is that, within the last days, there were two or three situations with players under contract, there were clubs interested, but the offers weren’t materialized. We understand that, for the levels of those clubs, the offers would have been important, but we weren’t open to negotiate within the last two days.”

Expectations: “We cannot have excuses as we had throughout the year, but in the end we only have nineteen points and we need a strong second round to avoid problems. I don’t like to target a number of points, but for me the permanence is an obligation.. Truly there was a series of circumstances that didn’t allow it before, but it won’t happen again, so we need to be plugged and try to win every game. We need to win on Friday and chain a series of victories, which will allow gaining confidence.”

Babel: “When Babel came we tried to sign him for the full year, but he put some conditions that the club wasn’t ready to assume, later we tried again during December, and there was no choice. He didn’t want to negotiate and well, we must thank him as he didn’t come here on holiday. He gained shape after been unemployed and gave everything. He yielded and we can only thank him. Maybe he had important offers and we didn’t even have time to make an offer. There was no negotiation with his agents and simply they closed the door. It wasn’t a matter of money. We didn’t even make an offer. The agent simply told us that he didn’t want to continue. Since that point we can only respect the decision. It was related to the school of his kids.”

Óscar García: “There was no fire. I consider that it was a provoked by a journalist/coach that was telling lies. My relation with Pinchi is spectacular, and the “punishment” was a consensus with the same Óscar. It was only one full week training with the B squad. It was what I considered. The lie was to say that the player changed the agent and it started the problem, it wasn’t true. Ask his new agent if he has problems with us. Pinchi is a player under contract and we offered a new contract, he has to decide.”

Marlos Moreno: “As you know we have the option of one more year on loan, it is out decision though they also have the option to recall the player. We must see his evolution. He is young and when we thought of his signing it was to close two positions, winger and striker. He had to play before time as he was coming from the Copa Libertadores, he needed more rest, but the injuries forced him to play without rest. It was hard to gain fitness and he started to make good games. Now new players arrived and he must fight for a spot. “

Ola John, Kakuta, Guilherme, Carles Gil and Joselu: “Ola John came with a buyout option, Kakuta don’t. When you bring a player from China with high wages then it isn’t convenient to have a buyout option, because it also includes a next contract, and what wages will you put in the offer? So you aren’t interested. You are only interested in bringing him and later see what can happen. With Ola John it is different, also with Guilherme.”

“With Guilherme we will try to close the option, it’s true that we need to negotiate some terms with Udinese before fulfilling the clause and it won’t be easy. As you know when we make payments it must be in several payments due to our financial situation. There isn’t a buyout option over Carles Gil too, he is an interesting player, but we don’t have an option.”

Joselu: “There’s nothing new and we don’t have a buyout option, the true is that he is a player with important conditions at Stoke City.”

Juanfran: “It is true that one of the big interests at the end of the market was related to him, but he’s a player that will be our very soon. Since June 30, if some circumstances aren’t happening, then he will be us, and until now it hasn’t happened.”

Navarro: “In his contract he has the chance to renew his deal if he reaches a certain number of games, and right now I don’t remember the exact number, but I believe he only needs one or two more games, maybe four, so his automatic renewal is close to happen.”

Lux: “He is ending contract and his status will be valued with the coaching staff .”

Garitano “The issue of the coach, we are content, but at the time he and us decided that we were going to wait, and I believe that January is too soon to talk. We are content with the coaching staff and we seek for the continuity of the coach, because it is our pending issue.”
Pedro Mosquera: “When Garitano came, one of the players that was labeled as untransferable was Mosquera, he really liked him. Now the coach considered that his performance wasn’t high enough, so other players entered. Normally you lose confidence when a player isn’t counting, but we cannot doubt that he will return to be the same, an icon with a great quality, for me among the best players at his position. At the moment he completes two or three good games then he will regain the confidence.” 




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