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04 Feb 2017
The game was postponed due to the bad weather affecting the northwest of Spain. The roof at the Riazor was already affected and the City Council in A Coruña decided to suspend any sporting activity.

The game Deportivo Vs. Real Betis has been called off due to the weather conditions in Galicia. An orange alert has been declared in the northwest of Spain with strong winds and rough waves affecting the sector. There was concern the day before the game as it is well known the poor state of the roof in some sectors of the Riazor.

And, on the night before the game, this concern was bigger when it was reported that part of the ceiling at the stadium was already damaged. In the next morning, the technicians of the City Council in A Coruña confirmed that small parts of the ceiling at the Pabellón sector had fallen.

Ten hours before the game it was discussed two options, the first was to play the game with the Pabellón sector closed to avoid risks with the public, and the other was to suspend the game. The City Council in A Coruña opted for the second choice as more bad weather was expected for Friday’s night, the basketball game Basquet Coruña against Barcelona B to be held at the Pazo dos Deportes de Riazor was also suspended and later moved to Santiago.

Photos: La Voz de Galicia

La Liga and the clubs confirmed the suspension of the match and Real Betis even flied back to Andalusia in the afternoon in order to avoid the worst part of the storm expected for the night. The LFP hasn’t informed yet about the new date for the match, though it’s commented it could be February 22, same day in which Valencia CF host Real Madrid in the pending match of the first round.

On Friday’s noon, president Tino Fernández attended to the Riazor and talked to journalists, he explained how the decision of suspending the game was done, “This was a difficult decision, but first is the safety of the people coming to the stadium, the fans, the players and all the people that work at the stadium. This isn’t our responsibility and there’s a double subject, first the weather, something that’s later combined with the poor conditions of the stadium. In the end we all thought it was too risky as the conditions are expected to be worse tonight, so it was too risky as it wasn’t possible to authorize the workers to repair the ceiling as the conditions aren’t the proper ones.”

He also confirmed that the date of the game is yet to be announced, “We thought of playing tomorrow [Saturday], but the problem is that, in order to play, we need workers to go up and minimize the risks with the debris that still moving, but as the orange alert is on then it’s not possible to do those repairs, and the alert will remain on tomorrow, so we cannot play tomorrow.   We will talk to La Liga and Betis and see what date is proposed.”

About the near future of the Riazor, he commented that, “Right now there’s a compromise to fix the situation and repair things that are moving, it’s a matter of breaking it or fixing it, in the end it needs to be fixed, but the big task is to assume a project that needs to be completed. The reality is that ceiling is in bad conditions, the structure, and we are in front of the worst celling in Spanish football. This s Galicia and the winter always affect, so we need proper installations.”



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