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12 Dec 2006
Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s has two major problems in order to face the visit of Athletic Bilbao on Saturday. The first one is to rebuild a defensive line affected by suspensions and injuries. The second problem is to reconstruct the confidence in a offensive line that has only scored two goals during the last seven liga matches.

The match with Athletic has been appointed as a crucial one in Deportivo. The same players believe that this confrontation should be the start of the comeback. After seven matches without achieving victories, the Galicians must start to add three points if they want to avoid further problems, and if they want to give serenity to the club's officials and the fans.

But coach Caparr??s is facing two major problems in order to face Saturday's clash. The first one is occurring in the defensive sector. It was previously said that defence is one of the stronger points in the squad, but Depor has allowed eight goals in the last two games as visitors. Besides, the injury of Albert Lopo and the suspension of Juanma are causing extra-difficulties.

The club appealed the red card of Juanma, but it isn't probable that the sanction against the Andalucian defender will be revoked. But the main problem is the absence of Lopo for the next four weeks, the Catalan has been the most solid defender in the squad, and his partnership with Alvaro Arbeloa is one of the few things that are working out in the lineups (Depor has only lost twice when this combination starts a game).

Now Caparr??s has to rebuild his defensive line, but at least he has several alternatives to choose from. This could be the opportunity to see the comeback of Jorge Andrade. The Portuguese has been out of la liga since the past season, but he has been playing with normality during midweek's friendly matches. Another alternative is to delay the position of Fabricio Coloccini as Caparr??s did during the game in Mestalla. The other possibility is Rodri, the Catalan defender that arrived this season and that has been out of Caparr??s's predilections.

And other changes can arrive on both sides of the defensive sector. Capdevila hasn't been showing a good performance, and it has been speculated about the possibility of seen Filipe Luis on that function. The same happens at the right back. Barrag??n started well the campaign, but Caparr??s believes that he still has to improve his defensive skills, the situation could cause the comeback of Manuel Pablo to the starting lineup. So far, the captain has only participated in five liga encounters.

Another problem for Deportivo is the lack of goals. The Galician team has only scored two goals during the last seven matches. This could be understood as the main reason why Depor hasn't achieved a victory during this period. The most evident thing is that the squad is facing the games with a lack of ideas. It' very difficult to see this team fulfilling three consecutive passes.

This situation complicates the view for the strikers, they barely receive a god ball upfront. Instead, they have to be fighting with the rivals for the long balls sent by Depor's defenders. The occasions to score are simple inexistent and this fact can be seen in the statistics. During the last seven liga matches, Depor has only made 23 shots on goal, that's an average of 3.3 shots per game. A really poor statistic for a team that wants to aspire to Europe.

In this case, Caparr??s has less alternatives to solve the situation. The Sevillan coach has proved different choices in the striking zone like Adri??n, Riki, Verd??, Juan Rodr?­guez and Estoyanoff. But the problem seems to be in midfield, a zone that isn't generating the football that the strikers need. Maybe the solution is near to appear: Juan Carlos Valer??n. The Canarian should be ready to play in January. Until that moment arrives, Caparr??s will have to invent a solution and it seems that the only alternatives are Joan Verd?? and Iago.

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