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26 Feb 2017
Terrible game for an impotent Deportivo that was trashed by a Leganés that had only scored seven goals at home before this meeting. Albentosa was sent off and the Galicians played with one less man during thirty minutes.

Gaizka Garitano presented two main novelties for the game. Borges was injured and he was replaced by Pedro Mosquera, while Joselu was the starting striker leaving Florin Andone on the bench. This was the four liga appearance as a starter for the Stoke loanee.

It was a 4-2-3-1 figure with German Lux at the goal, Juanfran Moreno covered the right side in defence, Fernando Navarro performed on the left, Raúl Albentosa and Sidnei were the centre-backs, Guilherme joined Mosquera at midfield, Carles Gil attacked from the right wing, Gaël Kakuta did it from the left, Emre Çolak was the playmaker and Joselu was the centre forward.

At CD Leganés; coach Asier Garitano presented the expected lineup. It was a 4-2-3-1 figure with Nabil El Zhar, Gabriel Pires, Alexander Szymanowski and Miguel Ángel Guerrero as the references in attack.

Disappointing first half for Deportivo, the Galicians were never in the game and just fell down after the first goal. Alexander Szymanowski was a real nightmare on the right wing and the attacking line simply was unable to create scoring opportunities.

No one controlled the actions within the first minutes, Depor had the ball and the first two approximations, both started by Kakuta. In the first the Frenchman made a solo play at the edge of the area, but Joselu didn’t find the way to end the action (7’). One minute later Kakuta headed a cross from Juanfran, but local goalie Iago Herrerín made the save.

The game was ugly as there were no clear chances to score, but then the locals scored in their first opportunity. Mosquera lost the ball at midfield and in the counterattack Tito released a low cross from the right that Alexander Szymanowski connected with an acrobatic shot, the ball crossed Lux and the nightmare started.

Because Depor never reacted and to make things worse it allowed a second goal. Tito attempted a shot from the edge of the area during a counterattack for the Madrilenians and he earned a corner-kick (28’), in the resulting cross from Szymanowski centre-back Martín Mantovani was alone enough at the far post to head the ball home.

The Galicians were dead after the second goal and Szymanowski, who was a real nightmare for Juanfran in this half, could have scored the third goal, but this time his header after a cross from the right just passed close to the far post (37’).

The nightmare continued in the final part, Depor made desperate changes and never created any harm, while Leganés were just waiting to waste the time and even thus they found two more goals due to the terrible night of the Galicians.

A desperate Garitano ordered a double substitution since the kick-off, Florin Andone and Luisinho replaced Mosquera and Kakuta, so Depor started to perform with a weird 5-3-2 figure.

The extreme experiment never worked out and the proof was that Deportivo didn’t even complete a shot on target in this half. The Galicians had the ball and never created a scoring chance, not even seizing the constant errors of Iago Herrerín at the moment of trying to clear the crosses into his area.

Actually, the locals were always closer to score, at minute 57 Depor earned a corner-kick, but it was poorly executed and in the counterattack Erik Morán got the ball at the left side of the area, and his strong shot was deflected by Lux.

Then Depor were left with ten men after Albentosa hit a rival with the elbow in an isolated play at midfield, it was a deserved punishment for a desperate team, though the referee was also bad for not showing the cards to the local players for the constant fouls (they committed 18 fouls and only saw two yellow cards).

The last substitution at Depor was the entry of Fayçal Fajr for Carles Gil. It was another change without any consequence. Depor’s first chance in the second half came until minute 71, Andone collected a cross from the right and assisted Joselu with the chest, but the shot from the Galician attacker passed close to the far post.

The substitutions only worked out at CD Leganés as two replacements were going to score twice. The third goal for Leganés arrived with El Zhar releasing a low cross from the right and Unai López anticipated Navarro to put the ball into the left-corner of Lux.

Joselu could have scored for Depor after a new bad clearance of Herrerín in a corner-kick, but his header went off (88’). And the fourth goal came in the stoppage time, it was similar to the third but with a different finisher. Unai López made the low cross from the right and Alberto Bueno made a slow deflection to send the ball into the low left-corner of Lux.

Terrible game for Deportivo. The Galicians were a ghost before a rival that, without doing too much, scored four goals after only netting seven at home in the whole tournament. Albentosa was sent off at the middle of the second part and the team never reacted in what was supposed to be a “final”.

Leganés: (4-2-3-1) Herrerín – Tito, Siovas, Mantovani, Rico – Rubén Pérez, Morán (Unai López 70’) – El Zhar (Alberto Bueno 86’), Gabriel Pires, Szymanowski – Guerrero (Samuel García 76’).
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Lux – Juanfran, Albentosa, Sidnei, Navarro –Mosquera (Luisinho 46’), Guilherme – Carles Gil (Fajr 69’), Çolak, Kakuta (Andone 46’) – Joselu.
Referee: José Luis Munuera Montero. He showed yellow card to Lux (62’), Erik Morán (65’), Guerrero (69’), Andone (69), Guilherme (75’), Navarro (77’) & Joselu (87’). Albentosa was sent off (62’)
Goals: 1-0: (19’) Szymanowski, 2-0: (30’) Mantovani, 3-0: (81’) Unai López, 4-0: (90+1) Alberto Bueno
Venue: Butarque (10,075).
Other statistics: Ball possession (52% - 48%); Attempts to score (7 – 3); Total shots (7 - 11); Shots on target (5- 3); Saves by the keepers (3 - 1); Corner-kicks (2 - 7); Offsides (1 - 0); Fouls committed (18 - 13); Passing accuracy (72% - 70%)



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