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13 Dec 2006
Roberto Acu?a is asking for €1 million from the club as compensation for firing him for no apparent reason. The case is being handled by a civil court, and the witnesses in the case are two familiar names: Caparr??s and Lendoiro's advisor, Richard Moar. Both of them were in court on Tuesday.

The problem is that Acu?a wants €1 million in return for the cancellation of his contract with Deportivo, but the club insists that the payment should be €500,000 since there are some legal deductions to be made. Deportivo fired 'Toro' Acu?a in September alleging that the midfielder was too 'inept' to fulfil his job. The argument presented by the club’s lawyer, Germ??n Rodr?guez Conchado, is that Acu?a didn't have the capacity to perform at Deportivo, and nobody outside the club wanted to sign him.

Acu?a responded by presenting his case at an arbitration committee, but no agreement was reached. The club communicated to Acu?a that the only possible solution was to go to court. That's why the Paraguayan midfielder took the case to civil court.

Now these instances will lead to a final outcome.  In order to reach it, the judge called up witnesses who would help determine whether Acu?a’s firing was legal or not. Two of the main witnesses were coach Caparr??s and Richard Moar. Papers like La Voz de Galicia and AS reported the details of their declarations.

Richard Moar made the most curious statement. "Acu?a’s performance wasn't what we were expecting. He was loaned out on two occasions. When he was here, he was on the list of called players just because we needed 18 players. We tried to find a club for him during the summer. We called other teams like Ciudad de Murcia, Levante, Hannover or Standard Liege, but he was always rejected. I believe that Acu?a was a very bad signing for Deportivo, a very bad one." Asked about how Acu?a could be labelled as 'inept' when he played the last World Cup with Paraguay, Moar replied, "Paraguay is a second level team."

Caparr??s was the one who defended Acu?a’s skills. "He is a magnificent professional – a worker, a respectful person and a disciplined player. The reason he wasn't in my plans is because I had other players with a better perspective." Caparr??s confirmed that he wasn't counting on Acu?a since the club told him that he was close to being transferred. A curious thing happened when Acu?a’s lawyer, Miguel Juane, asked Caparr??s if the club would do the same thing with Duscher.  The Sevillan trainer’s answer was, "You sound like a journalist."

Now everything is in the hands of the judge. He will dictate the sentence and will determine if Acu?a’s firing was legal or not. If the Paraguayan wins the case, Depor will be forced to pay the €1 million asked as compensation. If the opposite occurs, Depor will only have to pay the €500,000 offered at the beginning.

'Toro' Acu?a continues to be in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Yesterday it was discovered that his 45-day old baby daughter was kidnapped from his house in Paraguay. According to reports, Acu?a was sleeping in one of the bedrooms with his son, when suddenly a young man entered through the window into the room in which the baby was sleeping with her mother.

The man took some money and a cell phone, but wanted more. He tied up Acu?a's wife and took the baby. According to Paraguayan police, the man said that he was taking the baby as a guarantee for a $100,000 payment that Acu?a owed him.

The baby was later found on a street near the house. The Paraguayan midfielder showed his gratitude at the police reaction and was happy to see that his daughter was fine. "I am really happy because the baby is okay, nothing happened to her. The rest will be resolved by the police."

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