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04 Mar 2017
Depor’s new coach was satisfied with the effort done by the team, while the players were content too despite dropping two important points. Atlético’s coach admitted that things are complicated for them in la liga.

Pepe Mel described what he saw in the game, “We started with doubts, because I believe we didn’t find the way to work as I requested, it was hard for the players. It was for eight or ten minutes, later the team was intense, and it is complicated to be intense facing Atlético Madrid, because it is the most intense team in the Spanish La Liga.”

“And I’m content because we saw what I told the players: In football the players are the ones motivating the public, and the public react according to what they see, and the public accept it. The players gave everything and the public were content and grateful.  They were afraid on the first day and now realized that they can defeat anyone if they compete. If you give your best effort, then you cannot be sad. But we haven’t done anything yet, we only drew a match.” He added.

He confessed that several players ended exhausted, “The result is what it is. You cannot adjust the justice, but what I told is the true: the players gave everything. Some players are exhausted, some are with ice in the legs, Celso [Borges] cannot move. I saw the incredible participation of Laure, Álex and Pedro [Mosquera], who were great. We need to recover people, because we have what we have and we have enough to do things better.”

The Madrilenian also explained why Fayçal Fajr was a starter, “We are in situation in which we need character. We need character and, sincerely, I have faced Fayçal and he has character. The Moroccan has character and we need people like that, when they lose the ball, then they will press for it and will later risk, and in order to win we need people risking and trying things. We need to risk, so we need this kind of players. We have a lot of people like this and that hasn’t played today, like Joselu, who I was sure was going to give us the winning goal, but that couldn’t play due to the substitution of Luisinho.”

About the performance of Mosquera, he commented that, “he had criterion with the ball, something this team needs. He was intelligent in his position, he was tactically perfect an was smart, because he noticed that the partner at his side was coming from an injury, so he was barely fit. I know Pedro since he was a child and know what he can offer.”

Finally, Mel didn’t want to talk of making substitutions ahead of Sunday’s game at Sporting Gijón, “What we are going to do now is to dinner, because they deserve to dinner after I pressed the players in the past three days, tomorrow we will start to think. I already told you that we have three players with ice in the legs, they have issues and hopefully we will have more people like this after the game against Sporting.”

Celso Borges was satisfied with the final score, “The point is useful for our morale, this in order to know that we are in the right way. We wanted to win and did the right things to claim the game, but it wasn’t like that.  We are fine, the team was intense and knew in which situations we could damage the rival, they didn’t have a good time and we would have loved to win, but it ended like this.”

The midfielder was also commented the fact of been playing alongside Mosquera after the injury of Guilherme, “It was fine, both always show a good level. They are lads that I enjoy and the important thing is to have everybody prepared. We need everyone to be prepared.”

Álex Bergantiños was feeling terrible after the injury of Fernando Torres, “The true is that it was a big scare, when I saw him failing and unconscious. The important thing is that he is fine. I will try to visit him later, we collided and he wasn’t waiting for the challenge. The important thing is that he is fine.  It’s clear that these things are unfortunate and it was an accident. “

About his performance, he commented that, “I was satisfied for debuting in this year, it is difficult entering from the bench, especially against a rival like this and how the game was. I tried to be well placed and help the team in a moment in which Atlético were growing in the game.”

Pedro Mosquera was also satisfied with the performance of the team, “I believe we were doubting within the first ten minutes, we weren’t feeling comfortable and they were attacking by the wings, but after that moment I believe we grew up in the game. We started to have the ball and I believe we made a great game.”

Diego Simeone was sad for what happened to Torres, “I felt the struck at the bench, I don’t know if it was the neck, but I felt something. These are ungrateful things that happened during the games and we hope that things will be fine for Fernando.”

The Argentine also admitted that things are complicated for his team in liga, “We must accept reality and realize that we are closer to be fourth than third. We must take care of the games and if we have to draw then we will draw. “

Fernando Torres was discharged from hospital on Friday after completing the scans, he was thanking the support from Deportivo, “These things happen, when we are involved and are at the other side then we are more worried. Yesterday I spoke to Álex and there’s no problem, these are actions in the games, it was an accident. I wish the best to Deportivo, several Depor’s players came to see me, it is a special club for me for the land where we are [his wife is from Galicia]. I also want to thank the fans for their reaction.” 




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