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07 Mar 2017
Satisfaction among the coach and the players with the first victory in 2017. Mosquera and Mel revealed a conversation they had before, while Sporting’s coach was complaining of the referee.

Pepe Mel was content with the performance of the team and commented that, “We had two very different faces. We were worried by the first, because we wanted to be a solid bock as against Atlético Madrid, that the rival wasn’t going to have too many chances, that Moi Gómez and Carmona weren’t going to have too many spaces. I believed we achieved this at times, in others don’t, but we were serious and were collective.”

“And later in attack we missed continuity. But we will work with this, we didn’t have the time for it. In a general sense the team likes to have the ball, I insisted with this. People like Mosquera, Çolak, Carles Gil… they need to have the ball, if not we aren’t exploiting their qualities.” He added.

He refused to admit that he was a revulsive after the exit of Garitano, “Yes, we added four of six points, but we need to be fair, because I was also sacked, with the little time in work I just removed the blindfold from the head of the players, but without the work of Gaizka Garitano we hardly would have added these points. So, I remember him, because he was close to win some games and we must follow this path.”

The Madrilenian coach was saying that his players are exhausted after the last two games, “We are going to pay the bill on Wednesday, it’s for sure, because the physical tiredness will be joined by the mental exhaustion. I am demanding a lot and the current situation is causing this weakness. For this, the fans must feel proud, last week we competed before a superior rival, and today we did it again in a difficult environment. Now we need to prepare a new game in 48 hours, before a rival that’s fresher, so we are in disadvantage.”

He denied any problem as Çolak missed a penalty after Andone wanted to throw it, “Yesterday we were testing penalties at the end of the training, I stayed with Andone, Celso, Fajr and Emre, but well they are the ones that feel encouraged to kick a penalty. We don’t have a specialist, I saw Celso scoring before and we will fix this in the future.”

Finally, he was commenting the new face of Mosquera, who has been a starter since his arrival, “I, the first thing I did, was to call him to my office. I talked to him as I know Pedro since Real Madrid. I thought that the one on here was his brother, and I told him that I didn’t recognize him now. And he promised me that he was going to improve, and if he plays like this then he is one of the best centre midfielders in Spanish football, and I am not talking silly things.”

German Lux was content despite the team suffered in the second half, “We knew it was going to be a difficult game. We were mentalized for it. This is a tough pitch and the true is that we are content for the victory, a little overwhelmed, but you need to suffer in order to win games.”

“We knew that the victory was going to arrive, the first one on the road and in 2017. We must be more than content, but we are also tired, because it’s tough to play every three days. We must prepare the next game and think of continue adding the three points and leave behind the relegation.” He added.

Pedro Mosquera was also satisfied with the result, “We have made a very serious game, especially in the first half. We were superior in the first half and were more locked in the second. I believe we had a better recovery than the rival and we succeeded. We had long possessions and it brought confidence to us.”

He was also asked about the comment of Pepe Mel regarding a personal conversation with the new coach, “Truly we had that talk when Pepe arrived, he gave me the confidence that I didn’t have before and that’s good. I don’t want to talk of past coaches and I’m living now a good phase. We all are adding in order to reach the goal.”

At Sporting, coach Rubi doesn’t want to surrender, “I know it’s tough and that you are tempted to see the glass half empty, but we are going to search for another situation in which we can only be one game away. We will try it first in Valencia. We are going to prepare the game and believe we can get the three points. We will fight until the last minute. I know it’s tough for everyone, but we aren’t going to surrender.”

He was also complaining of the referees, “There were two or three plays that need to be analysed. I don’t want to judge again but these situations happen; the goal that they scored, the penalty, the play of Traoré, the last one of Castro… The true is that it is something to be analysed.” 




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