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13 Dec 2006
Yesterday coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s talked about the current situation of the squad. The Sevillan was very relaxed and affirmed that president Lendoiro still supports him. He also talked about the cases of Duscher and Iago. Finally, he admitted that the club is searching the market for new signings.

Caparr??s analysed the team’s current situation. "I am realistic.  In football the data is there. The things that the fans tell you, that's reality. What's not real is other stuff, but the numbers are there and it's normal that you are reporting it. The dynamic of the squad is not good, our offensive and defensive concepts are not working. We are allowing early goals, so we can't blame a specific line for our bad situation. We have to be a team, more than the one that we are right now."

Asked one more time about the objective for the season, the Sevillan trainer continued with his speech of going game by game. "I am like this and nobody will change me, I don't like the double morale. But if you ask me about the objective of this squad, I must say that it's the following match.�

The Utrera-born coach also mentioned that he had a meeting with Lendoiro, and that he has the support of the president in this delicate moment. "I spoke with the president on Monday. Surely you know him better. I have a contract and I will fulfil it until I die, I have to give 100%. That's my way of seeing football. During the meeting, he didn't question me at all, because he believes in this project."

Caparr??s also talked about some specific players in his squad, starting with Duscher. "Before the match at Valencia, I hadn’t been seeing the same intensity in him for the past few matches, which is why I didn't call him up. His new injury is a problem for a player who is important to us, but I know that he will help us." He also talked about a probable loan spell for Iago: "It's a case that should be analysed, I have to talk with him first." Depor's coach also confirmed that Andrade could return to the starting line-up for Saturday's game.

Finally, Caparr??s talked about the possibility of signing a new striker during the winter window. "I can't talk of signings with the squad that we have. It will be easy, but we have to extract the best effort from these players, although it is true that the club is searching for the profile that we want and according to the current financial situation."

Caparr??s has started a new revolution in the starting eleven. During yesterday’s session, the Sevillan put out a squad with seven changes – Coloccini as central defender, Manuel Pablo at right back, Juan Rodr?­guez and Jul?­an de Guzm??n in midfield, Cristian on the right wing, Riki on the left, and Arizmendi as striker.

It is unknown whether or not Caparr??s will maintain these changes for Saturday's game, but at least it's an indication that he is preparing a revolution in the starting lineup. Today's training session will give more clues about his intentions for the match against Athletic Bilbao. The complete lineup that Caparr??s fielded yesterday was: Aouate - Manuel Pablo, Arbeloa, Coloccini, Capdevila - Juan Rodriguez, De Guzm??n - Cristian, Verd??, Riki - Arizmendi.

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