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14 Mar 2017
The coach applauded the sacrifice of the players, while the goal scorers were happy, but also warned that nothing is done yet. Piqué and Luis Enrique admitted the defeat.

Coach Pepe Mel was emphasizing the sacrifice made by the players, “I don’t like to see people forgetting that we also played on Wednesday, our own Champions was against Betis. Obviously what Barca did, apart from enjoying the comeback, was great, but we also had a pending game with Betis.  We spent a lot of time behind on the scoresheet and had to make a big effort for the comeback, so we were also tired and with important casualties. Despite this Depor knew were to search for Barca’s cracks at the back. We knew what to do to see Barca feeling uncomfortable, sometimes it doesn’t work, but today the fans must feel proud.”

Asked about what was making him feeling more proud, he answered that, “Sincerely, apart that Barca didn’t have too many chances in the first part, everything that happened after Barca’s equalizer. With the previous state of mind Depor would have lost, but we now believe that we can do anything. This is the merit of the players. We must believe as the players believe.”

He was also trying to keep things calm as the permanence isn’t secured yet, “I insist that before the game with Atlético Madrid, Depor were tied in points with Granada. Today we have an important advantage and already passed Leganés and Málaga, we needed this to see people calm. It’s fundamental to see the trainings at Abegondo taking place in a different environment, because in the first two session everybody was tense.”

Mel, who was in a good mood the entire time, joked when he was asked about the fact that Álex scored three of his four professional goals against Barcelona, “Well, we will rest him the entire year until the next game at the Camp Nou. Since day one he and Laure introduced the Deportivismo into the coaching staff.”

Depor’s coach was happy with all the players and emphasized the work done by three men, “I remain with the work done by Bruno Gama, I remain with the tactical game of Álex, and I remain with Joselu. I asked many things to him that don’t match his characteristics and he made the effort in order to fulfil it, therefore it means that he wants.”

Finally, Pepe Mel also joked after been asked about the last-minute foul of Fajr, "Thank God they didn't score in the last foul. It already happened to me at West Brom. It was a late goal against us. He would be sent back to Morocco [he laughed and left the press room]"

Both scorers talked after the game, Joselu was happy, but saying that nothing is done yet, “We had a clear idea since the beginning, the planning was good and we had our reward. We made a correct game achieved three valuable points.  It was an important game, but we must be aware that a lot still ahead. We gave our soul and we should be celebrating, but since tomorrow we must be thinking that there’s a new game on next weekend and nothing is done yet.”

The striker was also happy with this opportunity as a starter, “I train at the top waiting to seize opportunities like this one, the coach knew it was a different game, that a different plan was needed, and we only followed the orders. It worked out. This helps at the moment of earning confidence and things are better now.”

Álex Bergantiños was emphasising the moral importance of the victory, “There’s happiness and excitement, I believe the team needed something like this in order to regain confidence in ourselves, the wins against Sporting and today are important in order to have a calmer end of liga. It’s important and it means a boost, now we face another important game at home.”

The midfielder was also describing the keys to the victory, “The team planned a wise game, knowing what are their virtues and defects. We were ordered and knew the importance of not making fouls, plus attempting a quick output of the ball plus insisting in set-pieces. Both goals came in set-pieces and I believe the team had the perfect interpretation of the game.”

Raúl Albentosa thanked the fans on his Twitter account, he was under pressure after some errors in his last games, “Thanks, especially to the ones that have been with me during the bad moments. I will keep working together with my partners, I don’t know any other way.”

At FC Barcelona, Luis Enrique was accepting that the euphoria of the Champions League affected his team, “Only those who has lived what we have experienced this week knows what it all means. But the professionals have to know how to deal with these situations, there will always be tough games. We thought that it would be difficult, a game is always affected by what has happened in the previous one. It is always better to go in euphoric than pessimistic."

Asked about what his team missed in this game, the response was "It’s a very good question, but watching us in the build up to the game, it was clear that [beating PSG] would cost us. We knew so beforehand. I think we started well, taking advantage of Depor playing deep and trying to generate danger. We didn't have the necessary fluency to overcome their style, but we were growing and ended up making mistakes. Today was decisive for their battle against relegation and they have achieved that. There is nothing to justify, we must accept defeat and think that there are many matchdays to come.  We lacked that lucidity and it was a shame, because I think this match was very important to continue our form and to show to our rivals how good we are, but we were blunt.”

Gerard Piqué was saying that Depor deserved the victory, “This is sport. We aren’t machines, after all. It was harder to compete, though we were the favourites, but they planned a good game and must congratulate them, because they deserved to win. The tiredness isn’t an excuse and must pass again through these kinds of weeks playing three times in a week. This is a step back, but all the teams drop points and we remain alive in the fight for the title.” 




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