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14 Dec 2006
The penalty committed by Juanma over David Villa has generated a lot of polemic. It's very clear in the images showed on the TV that there wasn't any penalty: However, the competition committee didn't want to lift the red card that the Andalucian defender saw for that infraction. The intervention of the same president of the referees was needed, who accused Villa of being a cheater.

Polemic and controversy, two things that continue to flow five days after the confrontation between Valencia and Deportivo. The play that caused the penalty and the second goal of the home side has continued to generate all kinds of comments and reactions. During the game, it was known that after referee Delgado Ferreiro called the penalty, Juanma decided to proclaim to Villa and not to the referee: "It wasn't a penalty! It wasn't a penalty! It wasn't a penalty! What you have done is a thing of a bad partner!" were the words of the defender.

Now, the president of the committee that evaluates the work done by the referees, Victoriano S??nchez Arminio, has said that he was 'delighted' to see Juanma proclaiming to the striker and not to the referee. Those comments appeared in a interview made by the Spanish Federation website.

S??nchez Arminio accused Villa of being a cheater and also defended the work of the referees: "The penalty was simulated. We have to condemn the actions committed by the cheaters, we can't congratulate them, because these actions are hurting other players, in this case the rival was sent off. People have to understand that the referees can commit mistakes, but that doesn't mean that all the referees are bad."

Curiously, the competition committee, the one that has the power to revoke the decisions taken on the pitch, decided to maintain the red card seen by Juanma. Deportivo announced that the club was appealing the resolution once again, and yesterday it was known that this second appeal was accepted. The competition committee lifted the red card over Juanma and now he is able to play in the next game against Athletic Bilbao.

This situation only creates confusion and more questions: If it's clear that the penalty was simulated,, why the competition committee didn't want to lift the red card over Juanma on the first opportunity? When will the committee start to punish the players that simulate infractions? What would happen if the affected player as Puyol or Cannavaro? Questions without answers in the strange world of the referees.

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