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21 Mar 2017
New victory for a Fabril that’s running directly into the championship; the team was better in the first half and suffered in the second. Sixth straight game without allowing goals.

Coach Cristobal Parrolo was still missing attacker Jardel due to injury reasons, while right-back Blas Alonso was suspended. Quique Fornos was moved to cover his slot, while Arnau Campeny returned to the staring formation and played at the centre of the defence.

The draw was a 4-2-3-1, Álex Cobo was the starting goalie, Quique Fornos performed at the right side of the defence, Lucas Viña did it at the left, the centre-backs were Arnau and Nacho Monsalve. Edu Expósito and Álvaro Queijeiro were the centre midfielders, Borja Galán attacked from the left wing, Óscar did it from the right, Manu Molina was the playmaker and Borja Domingo was the centre forward.

The rival was SD Negreira, team trying to secure the permanence as soon as possible. Ex-Fabril Chiño was a starter at the formation of coach José Manuel Pose. Another former player of the academy, Estefan Capelo, entered in the second half.

New victory for a Fabril that remain in a good streak; it was a game with two very different halves; the team was superior in the first part, it suffered in the second after the rival switched the draw, but the defence was strong enough to clinch a new clean sheet.

Fabril controlled the game since the kick-off, it had the ball possession and tried to attack on both wings, with Lucas and Fornos trying to join the attacks, the only approximation for the visiting team within the first ten minutes was a shot by Borja Domingo that was blocked by local goalie Mario Barreiro (3’).

Then the first goal arrived, Fornos joined the attack from the right wing, he drilled the ball into the path of Edu Expósito, who eluded defender Amoedo and then attempted a shot that was deflected by Mario, and Óscar García was there to push the loose ball in from close range.

Things didn’t change after the goal, Depor B were still having the ball before a rival that preferred to wait at their side of the pitch. SD Negreira tried to push at the middle of the half, but their only chances were a couple of plays by Chiño on the left wing that ended in nothing.

At minute 33, Manu Molina could have scored the second goal with a volley from the edge of the area that hit the ground before been touched by Mario, though the referee didn’t give the corner-kick. At minute 39, Manu Molina appeared again, this time with a direct free-kick that was miraculously saved by Mario, and in the rebound Edu Expósito sent the ball out.

The final part started with SD Negreira pushing hard, coach Pose switched the draw into a 3-5-2 and now the locals were having chances to score. At minute 56, substitute Capelo attempted a volley from the edge of the area that was blocked by Álex Cobo, that was their first shot on target in the game. Four minutes later the visiting defence was surprised in a throw-in, Chiño got the ball at the box, but he was unable to beat Depor’s goalie.

At minute 61, a cross from the left wasn’t cleared by anyone at Fabril’s defence and luckily the final clearance of Lucas Viña went over the bar when Chiño was coming from behind. Before Corredera had replaced Borja Domingo, who was already booked. Parrolo was searching for the counterattack as his team had big problems to hold the narrow advantage.

Fabril reacted and, at minute 68, Óscar assisted Manu Molina at the edge of the area and his strong shot was cleared by Mario sending the ball over the crossbar, the game became exciting s two minutes later Stefan Rodríguez was unable to push in a high cross from the right that Álex Cobo couldn’t clear.

For the final ten minutes Parrolo refreshed the attack with the entry of Carlos López for Manu Molina. Then a counterattack for Fabril was going to define the things, not because it ended in a goal, but because it provoked a double expulsion at SD Negreira.

The locals were reduced to nine men after Pignol was sent off as he fouled Óscar, the winger was running towards the goal in a counterattack and the referee interpreted it was a clear chance to score (82’). Captain Amoedo and coach Pose were also sent off for protesting.

The expulsions killed the game as SD Negreira gave up, Fabril took advantage to secure the victory with the second goal. Óscar made the play on the left wing, Lucas Viña released a high cross that Corredera headed at the far post, the cross seemed to be too strong, but the winger still managed to put the ball in.  With the game defined Carreón replaced Borja Galán.

New victory for a Fabril that suffered in the second half, the rival switched the draw and had chances to score. Before, in the first part, the team didn’t face any problem to hold on the initial advantage. Depor B remain as the leaders at Tercera having a five-point gap with eight games remaining. The team added a sixth straight victory and clinched a sixth straight clean sheet (563 minutes without conceding a goal). The next game is the visit of UD Barbadás to Abegondo (Sunday, 12h00 CET).

Negreira: (4-2-3-1) Mario – Pignol, Rendo, Amoedo, Ángelo (Adrián Quinteiros 48’) – Ángel, Juan – Chiño, Tato (Capelo 48’), Cea (Pedrosa 77’) – Stefan.
#Fabril (4-2-3-1) Alex Cobo – Fornos, Arnau, Monsalve, Lucas -  Edu Expósito, Queijeiro - Borja Galán (Carreón 88’), Manu Molina (Carlos López 80’), Óscar – Borja Domingo (Corredera 58’).
Goals: 0-1: (13’) Óscar, 0-2: (87’) Corredera
Referee: Manuel Casanova Cudeiro. He showed yellow card to Mario (19’), Ángel (53’) & Borja Domingo (57’). Pignol was sent off with a direct red card (82’). Amoedo was sent off with two yellow cards (79’ & 82’)
Venue: García Calvo (200)




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