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30 Mar 2017
Four Deporís players had action with their national teams, they are winning weight with their teams after not taking part in past opportunities. The surprise was to not see Andone with Romania.

Even though Florin Andone, the top scorer of Depor in the league, wasnít picked by Romania for the crucial game with Denmark (0-0), it can bens aid that Deportivoís international players are positively evolving and gaining weight with their national teams.

Before, they were usually left aside and now they are turning to be key players. Starting with FayÁal Fajr, who before was not even considered in the rosters and now is a fixed starter for coach Hervť Renard.

In this weekend, Morocco only played two friendly games, but Fajr was decisive in both meetings. He is now the man taken the set-pieces. In the first game, he scored and lead his team to a 2-0 win over Burkina Faso, while later the Atlas Lions beat Tunisia 1-0, the goal came in a free-kick taken by Deporís midfielder.

Meanwhile, GaŽl Kakuta starred a new life with RD Congo; after playing for France in youth teams, he decided to play for The Leopards and debuted in a 2-1 defeat at Kenya, the winger scored the goal for his team through a sensational free-kick attempt.

Then Emre «olak, after having some good appearances with Depor, he was finally picked by Turkey. The playmaker didnít play before Finland ahead of the World Cup, but later left a positive impression playing 69 minutes in the 3-1 win of Turkey over Moldova (friendly). He gave the assist for the second goal and had a couple of chances to score.

Who still having an important role with his nation is Celso Borges. Costa Rica didnít have a good break, but it was tough as they were visiting Mexico and Honduras, after losing at the Estadio Azteca (2-0) they grabbed a point in Honduras (1-1), there was some controversy in this game as there was a clear foul over Borges in the first half that wasnít awarded with a penalty.




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