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04 Apr 2017
Despite the huge score, the coach and the players were optimistic as they blamed the weird circumstances of the first half for the result. There were complaints for the disallowed goal to Carles Gil and the penalty missed by Fajr.

 Coach Pepe Mel was content with his team despite the 3-0 score and blamed the circumstances for the result, “The game came backwards for us, since the start. I won’t judge if he deserved the card, but Alves moved three meters in the penalty. The action is clear and should have been repeated, but well… the referee didn’t see it and nothing more. Later the goal of Carles Gil was legal, in the end we even scored an own goal. Everything was against us and since that point it was hard.”

“You must have in mind that, only a few minutes after the penalty, the 1-0 of Valencia arrived. We had the play of Carles that’s goal and we scored the 2-0 in our own net. It was hard for us to comeback because it’s a strong hit. Valencia is difficult at their stadium, especially with a two-goal advantage. Still, we tried and created opportunities. I believe the best player was Diego Alves.” He added.

He is aware that the players must move forward as there’s a new meeting on Wednesday, “It wasn’t our day for one thousand reasons, for the penalty, the goal allowed… but we tried. In a league like this one, in a month like this one, we must try to raise the morale of the footballers for Wednesday. It’s a very special game for us and the player must turn the page and think of the next three points.”

Finally, Mel said that he was satisfied with the system with two strikers used in this clash, “I believe we created a lot of goal opportunities, but I believe we have players like Carles Gil and Emre Çolak that will create game between the lines. The fact that Joselu has five yellows clarifies the picture for Granada. Depor have enough football to make the next nine games. Granada on Wednesday is a crucial game, this one is over. We must stand up and think of the next one, knowing that Celso has four yellows and that, the more men we recover for the game, the better. “

Juanfran Moreno was trying to remove a pessimistic view from the final score, “We neither need to be too negative nor alarmist. I believe the referee disallowed a legal goal with the 0-0 and we missed a penalty, in the end they scored and soon we were down 2-0. We pushed and, in the end, they scored a goal in a counterattack that made the result, but we neither can be too negative nor alarmist, because they weren’t superior to us.”

“I believe their keeper was very good, I believe the team wasn’t bad. I believe the team did what we should do in order to win, and we allowed a first goal in which everybody was just standing there, we failed, and later we scored an own goal. But they disallowed a legal goal with the 0-0 and also missed a penalty, and it’s complicated if you miss a penalty and if they remove a legal goal.” The right-back added.

Carles Gil was complaining of the goal that was disallowed to him, “The feeling that I had is that I came from behind and that was fine, that’s why I am upset. We know the work of the referees is complicated, but it doesn’t remove the fact that it was a key error against us. It conditioned the game and it changed the situation, but these things are from football.”

The winger also said that the team never gave up despite the circumstances, “I don’t think we gave up, simply we allowed two goals in set-pieces and it was strange in us, because we are strong in set-pieces. We still tried and Alves made a good game. We are screwed, but are already thinking of Granada.”

Florin Andone was also trying to remain positive despite the result, “They were 2-0 in a stadium in which they press a lot and where it’s difficult to have opportunities. I believe we were better and never seized our chances. In the second half it was a situation of going against the tide. I am calm as I trust my partners, the club and the fans. We are going to save ourselves. I don’t have doubts about it.”

At Valencia CF, Voro was satisfied with the result, “These three points reflect our good streak at home and are helpful before Thursday’s game against Celta. Now we look up and, despite the permanence isn’t secured, we are only thinking of the next game.”

The former Depor defender believes that the penalty saved by Diego Alves was key for the victory, “We lived the opposite face and football has these details like the save of the penalty. To claim the lead or not in the scoresheet it opens or closes the game.”




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