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07 Apr 2017
The coach expressed his concern for how the team faced the first half an hour in the game, the players felt frustrated and Granada’s coach knows that, at this height of the competition, his teams needs more than a point.

Coach Pepe Mel wasn’t happy at all, he mentioned in several times that his team lasted thirty minutes in entering into the meeting, “How I fell right now is screwed, because today was the day. I believe we were taking a nap within the first thirty minutes. This wasn’t the plan. It wasn’t what we wanted to do. I don’t know why, but it was half an hour in which we didn’t press Granada. We weren’t in the game and it’s a big advantage to give thirty minutes in the game.”

“In the second half we were superior, but I feel screwed with ourselves, this for giving for free the first half an hour, for been too hurried in some situations in which we should have arrived with more clarity. In the end it is a game in which the players and the coach should leave feeling screwed. We have spent three games missing clear chances, we had one clear before Celta, a chance we won’t have again. In Valencia, with all the weird situations, we had our chances, and today we had problems to score goals. But the fact is that I believe we generate enough to score goals, so I am not too worried wit this as we aren’t plane.” He added.

The Madrilenian expressed his worries about the upcoming game with Sevilla, “This is moving too fast and now we travel to a terrible field, this for the pace that the rival imposes, and if we go out like today’s first half an hour then we have nothing to do. What we have to realize is that, with this half an hour, we would be losing 4-0 at the Sánchez Pizuán. We cannot concede that time in a game in which we are playing for our life.“

He was trying to explain the situation with the penalties, “I never lived this: to spend seven games in one place and miss three penalties. This could have been definitive for us. It’s an option to win a game, especially since only fourteen minutes were remaining. Without doubt we were talking of two more points, having the same problems, but having a different face. We trained the penalties in the last session, this in order to decide and Celso had scored the last one. We train this, we spend the Fridays and Saturdays taking penalties and they never fail, but off course there’s no public then and therefore there’s no pressure. We would have to make a bet in which whoever misses the penalty will pay a dinner of €200,000. I don’t know, something to keep the tension. Still I am not worried for the penalties, I am more worried for what happened in the first half an hour.”

Finally, Mel explained the problems that led to Carles Gil’s substitution, “Carles was exhausted, he was dragging issues and a groin problem. He didn’t’ train during the break and it was clear that he was going to be the first change, but it was a physical thing.”

Luisinho was commenting what happened in the game, “We had a great opportunity to add those three points that we all wanted, we knew it was a difficult and important game, but well, we were too cold at the beginning and improved in the second, we would be the winners if we would have seized the penalty and now can only think of next game.”

“We weren’t fine at the beginning of the match, but improved and had more chances in the second part. We are sad for not getting the three points, we feel bad, but must move forward and must try to get the points in the next game.” The left-back added.

Marlos Moreno was among the best player for Depor, he explained his feelings after the game, “I feel good despite I spent a while without playing. I am happy with what I tried to add. We had our options, but missed that last touch to get the victory. I believe we had more options, they had theirs, but ours were clearer.”

Alejandro Arribas was trying to explain why Depor didn’t create too many opportunities, “Yesterday we were playing for nothing, I mean it wasn’t a final. A lot remains and we have a good difference. So, it wasn’t a matter of been nervous. I think that it might me that people weren’t fresh enough, and you notice this as we weren’t chaining three straight passes, we didn’t create opportunities.”

The centre-back was also complaining of the whistles against Marlos Moreno, "Each one pays a ticket and has the right to have an opinion, but I think they shouldn't whistle their team until the end of the season. Especially, it isn't healthy to whistle during the games. As example, I heard whistles against Marlos, a young boy that spent a while without playing, he tried and I believe he didn't make a bad job."

At Granada CF, Lucas Alcaraz wasn’t feeling content with the outcome, “Outside home it has been hard for us, actually this is the first time in which we clinched a clean sheet. We need a victory now and the results needed aren’t these ones. We had some chances in counterattacks and set-pieces, but didn’t have the needed pace. It’s one more point, but today we needed to win.”

“The team didn’t suffer too much, but at the same time it created little in attack. We changed the draw for the game, we were trying to be more balanced and achieved that, but also missed to create those opportunities that were our target for the game.” He added. 




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