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09 Apr 2017
New defeat for a Deportivo that found the goals but that, at the same time, conceded too much in defence. Kakuta scored a brace.

Pepe Mel surprised with the lineup as it was an offensive 4-2-3-1 draw with Marlos Moreno and Gaël Kakuta playing at the same time, while Florin Andone was benched. Guilherme also entered into the starting formation.

German Lux was the goalkeeper, Juanfran Moreno covered the right side in defence, Alejandro Arribas and Sidnei Rechel were the centre-backs, Luisinho performed on the left, Celso Borges joined Guilherme at midfield, Kakuta attacked from the right wing, Marlos Moreno did it from the left and Joselu was the centre forward.

At Sevilla CF, Ben Yedder was benched and instead Joaquín Correa was a starter in attack; Franco Vázquez was also a starter, the other references up front in the 4-2-3-1 figure of for coach Jorge Sampaoli were Pablo Sarabia and Stevan Jovetić

Rain of goals in the first part, both defences seemed distracted and the attackers seized the occasion to score five goals in just 31 minutes. Depor’s defence was horrible, but Kakuta kept the Blanquiazul outfit in the game with a brace.

Pepe Mel warned about the poor starts of Depor in past games, and this time the situation was worse. Because Depor only lasted 54 seconds in conceding the first goal. N’Zonzi got the ball at the left wing and managed to drill the ball into the area, Stevan Jovetić anticipated Sidnei and drilled the ball into the bottom corner of Lux.

At least Depor responded quickly seizing an error of Sevilla CF, Joselu fought for the ball before two rivals and managed to make a slightly deflection, enough to make a pass to Gaël Kakuta, who entered the area dribbling a rival to cross Sergio Rico.

But Sevilla CF scored again and again after a penetration by the left wing, this time it was Escudero, who fired a low shot that was deflected by Lux, but the ball just went into the path of Pablo Sarabia, who sent the ball into the top corner.

Depor were paying the price for its errors, and to make things worse Juanfran had to be replaced by Laure due to a hamstring problem. But at least the team was creating opportunities. At minute 12, Kakuta collected a cross from the left, this time his shot went wide. Three minutes later Franco Vázquez was close to seize a new error of the defence, but his shot from the box went over the crossbar.

And Deportivo were going to respond again, and again through Kakuta. It was after Pareja touched the ball with the arm at the edge of the area, in the resulting free-kick the winger scored though a marvellous curved shot past Rico.

It wasn’t a coincidence to witness four goals in a matter of 25 minutes, both defences were having big problems. Between Kakuta and Marlos Moreno the local defence was having big problems, but Depor also had nightmares with the attacks by the left flank.

And it’s that the third goal also arrived by the left wing, this time a lateral free-kick of Sarabia that Argentine Joaquín Correa headed at the near post, the low attempt crossed Lux and Deportivo were losing for the third time in the game.

There was more excitement at the end of the game, Sidnei protested a penalty after Pareja touched the ball inside the area, no call was made (36’). Two minutes later Sevilla CF should have scored after a new error of the defence. A bad pass by Arribas ended in a counterattack in which
Jovetić hit the post and the loose ball was collected by Sarabia, who missed the target from the box.

The pace was different in the second half; Sevilla CF had the ball and the best opportunities, but the narrow scored stayed until the end and the local cracks in defence kept the game opened until Ben Yedder secured the three points for Los Rojiblancos.

The final part also had a fast start, both Sevilla and Depor were attacking through quick moves, though the only shot within the first ten minutes was an attempt of Guilherme from midfield that went wide (48’).

Mel ordered the second substitution and Ola John replaced Marlos Moreno. The Colombian was already tired and this time the Dutchman didn’t have an impact in the game. Sevilla’s first chance in the final part was a direct free-kick by Escudero that Lux deflected to corner-kick (59’). 

The locals were looking more dangerous, but the narrow score and their defensive problems were keeping the game alive. At minute 62 Ola John fell inside the area after been pushed by Mercado, but the referee didn’t whistle the penalty. 

Two minutes later Joselu collected a high cross from the left, and his attempt was an easy catch for Sergio Rico.  The final substitution at Depor was the entry of Andone for Çolak. Depor were looking for more depth, but it didn’t work.

Sevilla CF should have scored the fourth goal at minute 76, substitute Iborra collected the ball at the box after a drilling cross from the left, and Lux made a double save. Depor could have equalized he game at minute 79, but the cross from Andone after a corner-kick was sent out by Joselu. It was the best opportunity for Depor in the second half.

And then Sevilla defined the game, substitute Ben Yedder collected the ball at the near post during a lateral free-kick and he was able to chip the ball over Lux, though the goal shouldn’t have counted as the attacker was offside.

Depor broke the spell and was able to score twice, but the defence was too soft and conceded too much in defence. Thirteen shoots on target for the Andalusians and a new defeat for a team that remains in the danger zone.

The teams in relegation play within Sunday and Monday, now Deportivo face a new crucial game at the Riazor as Málaga CF visit A Coruña on next Saturday (13h00 CET).

Sevilla: (4-2-3-1) Sergio Rico – Pareja, Mercado, Mariano, Escudero - N’Zonzi (Iborra 73’), Kranevitter - Sarabia, Jovetić, Vázquez (Lenglet 76’) – Correa (Ben Yedder 65’).
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Lux – Juanfran (Laure 12’), Arribas, Sidnei, Luisinho - Guilherme, Borges, - Kakuta, Çolak (Andone 72’), Marlos Moreno (Ola John 57’) - Joselu.
Goals: 1-0: (1’) Jovetić, 1-1: (4’) Kakuta, 2-1: (9’) Sarabia, 2-2: (24’) Kakuta, 3-2: (32’) Correa, 4-2: (88’) Ben Yedder
Referee: Santiago Jaime Latre. He showed yellow card to Luisinho (26’), Escudero (27’), Kranevitter (44’), Arribas (60’), Jovetić (67’) & Joselu (87’)
Venue: Sánchez Pizjuán (33,022)
Other statistics: Ball possession (58% - 42%); Attempts to score (12 – 7); Total shots (19 - 9); Shots on target (13- 4); Saves by the keepers (9 - 2); Corner-kicks (4 - 2); Offsides (3 - 0); Fouls committed (19 - 15); Passing accuracy (80% - 73%)



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