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10 Apr 2017
Pepe Mel decided to risk and ordered an offensive bet, it happened in the worst defensive game of Depor. The result was a six-goal game with several errors in defence and with Kakuta scoring the third brace on the season.

The eight notes from the game at Sevilla CF:

1- Risky bet since the start: A Deporís game with six goals -five of them within the first 32 minutes- might be surprising for some people, but not so much after checking the starting lineup. Pepe Mel chose a very offensive 4-2-3-1, with Kakuta and Marlos Moreno on the wings, precisely the two players that he praised recently for his individual skills, and with the side defenders having freedom to join the attack.

Even Laure was joining the attacks coming out from the bench after the injury of Juanfran, while Luisinho had a complete game, serious in defence and helpful penetrating by the left wing. And with Sevilla CF accepting the challenge the game turned to be an entertaining meeting that left 19 goal opportunities (12 for Sevilla, 7 for Deportivo). It was a risky bet in which Depor paid a high price for its defensive errors.

2- Awful defence: The game in which Mel decided to be more offensive since his arrival turned to be the game in which Deportivo had its worst defensive performance on this season. The errors, concessions in compromised positions and lack of concentration were joined by an offensive approach by Sevilla that meant to concede 13 shots on target -plus one that hit the post-, the highest number in a single game during this season. By minute 9, Depor had already conceded two goals after committing two key errors, the first one the lack of action by Sidnei in the first goal and the second the bad clearance of Lux that meant the goal by Sarabia.

3- The quickest goal in four years: The first goal in the game scored by Jovetić came after only 54 seconds, itís the quickest goal allowed by Depor since the goal of Jonas for Valencia in a 2-3 defeat at the Riazor (January 26, 2013). It was a corner-kick action in which the Valencians scored after only 29 seconds.

4- Again the set-pieces: Four of the last seven goals conceded by Depor came in set-pieces, in the recent past it was one of the specialties at Depor, but suddenly itís a weakness. The last two goals in the game came in lateral free-kicks in which the defence was surprised with the crosses sent into the near post.

5- New busy game for Guilherme: The offensive approach by both teams converted midfield territory into a corridor in which the ball was just passing, but it still it was a busy game for Guilherme, who for the third straight opportunity was the Deporís player with more touches (63). This time Borges also had a busy day and was the player with the best passing ratio (85%).

6- Lights and shadows with Lux: If someone was busy in the game was German Lux, the keeper ended making nine saves, a number thatís important, but also deceiving. Because the keeper only blocked one of the first four shots that he faced, and that blocked shot ended in an error as his poor clearance of the shot by Escudero ended in the second goal, so the game was 3-2 before he made any important save. The saves made by the keeper were important, but the fact is that those saves occurred when the damage was already done.

7- Great game by Kakuta: GaŽl Kakuta lived bad moments during his short career at Sevilla CF and it seemed that he was searching for redemption, and he ended having the best game since his arrival to Depor. He not only scored twice, but was also the most active player in attack (44 touches, 3 shots and 4 dribbles). Itís the third brace for a Deporís player on this season, previously Andone scored twice against Real Sociedad and Joselu did the same at Real Madrid.

8- The referee: Deportivo lost for its poor defence in the game, but it neither helped the job of referee Santiago Jaime Latre. He didnít want to see two penalties in favour of Depor, a hand of Pareja in the first half and the pull over Ola John in the second, while he neither saw the offside in the fourth goal of Sevilla.

To make thing worse he had a double criterion with the yellow cards. Nico Pareja left the game intact despite he touched the ball with the arm twice (the penalty that wasnít whistled and the free-kick that meant the second goal of Kakuta), plus he committed two fouls, one of them a hard tackle over Joselu. Meanwhile, the same Joselu was booked for only committing one foul in the entire game.



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