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10 Apr 2017
Deporís coach was furious with the referee an also with Juanfran, he was also very hard with the performance of the team. The players repeated the same speech of repent.

Pepe Mel was very upset with the referee, ďNo, I am not mad. Especially when you have two clear penalties that they donít whistle, then you are screwed. Or when Mariano is content kicking everybody and the first foul we give ends in a yellow card, then you are screwed, or when each time thereís a foul itís in one direction, then you are screwed. But itís a scandal the play of Ola John. Itís okay if we miss the penalties, but at least allow us to throw them.Ē

ďIím turned on, because I am coming from watching the replay on TV. Itís too many advantage. Two penalties are too much. Especially the one of Ola [John] is very clear. Later they say that you need to behave and not throw yourself into the ground, the lad wanted to continue the play, but he canít. Lesson learned for next time: when they touch you then must throw yourself into the ground. Fajr playĒ He added.

He later explained the substitution of Juanfran and why he was upset, ďHe got injured, we arenít in the mood to give things for free, and it was curious that he got injured in the kick-off, it never happened to me. But if you are injured in ten seconds then throw yourself into the ground, because you are giving an advantage to the rival and we end conceding two goals.Ē

 About the defensive errors, the Madrilenian trainer commented that, ďAfter saying this, we should accept the guilt. Seven games are remaining and we need to be a real man, we cannot concede twice in set-pieces, the third goal was laughable. We achieved a comeback twice, in a complicate stadium like this, living an adverse situation and we cannot concede a goal in a lateral free-kick. Itís not a matter of been pretty, but of been effective. We cannot concede three goals before the break, itís our fault. Maybe the fourth goal was anecdotal, but it came also in a free-kick. I have been here seven games, trying to save the permanence and we need to be effective.Ē

Finally, Mel said that the team was once again soft at the beginning of a game, ďFor me the team didnít match the expectations during the first half an hour, we gave for free the first thirty minutes against Granada as we did the same today. You need to be effective and you need eleven wolves, and if someone is injured then anyone will replace him, but we cannot concede things. Right now, what we need is solutions. Depor is on this position because we miss things, itís something dictated by the standings.Ē

Alejandro Arribas commented that, ďThe first half was open as both sides had alternatives, the true is that things werenít good as they were winning our back. The team came back twice and later we conceded goals in set-pieces, something that wasnít habitual in other games, and I believe we must continue working.Ē

The centre-back was also upset with the referee, ďIn the first play I was shown a yellow card as I attempted to block, later Pareja committed a foul on the side and wasnít booked, then a foul over Ola John and nothing. Pareja touched the ball with the arm twice and pulled a rival and nothing, he left without a card, he left without a card! How is this possible? It isnít an excuse as the team wasnít fine, but the referee should have the same criterion.Ē

Celso Borges was disappointed with the performance of Deportivo, ďItís complicated when you comeback twice and donít get anything from a gameÖ itís difficult and we need to think about it. We are missing something that isnít allowing us to add and we are responsible.Ē

Laure entered early in the game and was also disappointed, ďWe were alive throughout the game, but always uphill. We lacked concentration and must improve, because we cannot afford this situation. In the first play we allowed a goal, we reacted, but then they scored again. We were always alive, but far from getting points.Ē

About the referee, the right-back said that, ďI didnít see the first penalty, but the second was clear to me. From my position, I watched that it was a foolish penalty, but it was penalty. The referee didnít see it, but we also must realize that the team missed things to get the points.Ē

At Sevilla CF, Jorge Sampaoli was content with the reaction from his team, ďToday the team had the spirit to revert three games without winning. We returned to be an attacking team, one that searches the opposite goal. Itís encouraging for the future. We allowed two goals that can be corrected, but I buy that those errors are linked to the opportunities that were created. I t ended to be a problem, because we werenít effective and it isnít normal that a team in Spain creates so many chances without seizing them.Ē



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