20 Apr 2017
Alejandro Arribas conceded an interview to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña, the centre-back said that the team is more calm after the win over Málaga, but also warned that nothing is done in the fight for the permanence.

Q: Is the horizon clearer after winning against Málaga?
A: Everything looks different because we have moved three points further from relegation. It’s a quieter week and it’s noticed that we are all happier.

Q: Did the nervousness spread after four consecutive games without victories?
A: I think not. The team continued to work well, although in Valencia and Sevilla we were not up to standard. Against Granada and against Celta at home the team, perhaps, deserved more of what we ended up getting.

Q: What excited you most at that time, the confidence in your own work or the poor results of the pursuers?
A: The distance we had, which allowed us to follow a path. Since Pepe Mel arrived we have added points, which was really important. Now everything looks a little better than before.

Q: What did Mel bring to you?
A: Above all it was noticed that people were still active: those who play want to continue playing and those who aren’t playing want to have a chance with the new coach, because we all start from scratch. Everyone returns to that hope and this desire to participate.

Q: Is the evolution of the team still pending?
A: For not being in a comfortable situation, the team may not be doing the football we would like to practice and is taking less risks than it should, but the situation at the standings is what matters. Let’s see if next year we are more comfortable and you can see a much better Depor.

Q: Do you think the permanence is done?
A: Until it's mathematically confirmed, no. We already know that in the last matchdays the teams from below squeeze a lot and add points. We have to keep adding so that it could arrive as soon as possible.

Q: Were you expecting to see yourself at this height of the competition with 31 points?
A: We had the hope of placing ourselves in a middle and quiet area, but it has not happened. Throughout the season we have been fighting to avoid the last places. It is what it is. Let's hope that next year we will work harder and will be better to be in another situation.

Q: What happened to get into this situation?
A: I don’t know. Maybe the coaching staff was not right, maybe the players were not at the level that corresponded to us and maybe the club might not be right in all those things either. None of us have matched the expectations and that has been the cause why we are not in another position at the standings.

Q: You have been one of the most benefited players by the change of coach...
A: The previous one didn’t trust me too much or trusted more in other two great players like Sidnei and Albentosa; Now with Pepe Mel I have had more confidence and he has given me opportunities to prove that I can play and do well. I always try to respond.

Q: Has that changed your perception? You talk a lot about next year when a few months ago you talked of a possible exit...
A: I talk about next year because the club is the most important thing. No matter who stays, because there are always movements, changes of players, coaches and we don’t know who is going to stay, it’s always the same, the most important thing is that the club does well and be better than now.

Q: Have changed your future prospects at the team?
A: What I said is that if I could not play here, that was what I wanted, because obviously, like all players I want to play, I would have to look for opportunities elsewhere. Now I am happy, because I can show that I can give a good level. It was what I was looking for. I have two years in my contract and I would be very happy to be at Deportivo for a long time.

Q: Do you think that you played against Málaga your best game since arriving to Deportivo?
A: There are always times when one is better or worse. I always try to work the same, but it’s true that when you play regularly you are better, more confident and more willing. That translates into a better performance and I'm happy for the moment I go through and for participating.

Q: Did the team recovered defensive sensations after several matchdays conceding many goals?
A: It's true that against Valencia and Sevilla we were not defensively right and it cost us goals, but outside home it’s harder for all teams. At home is different, we have conceded only a few. We already had two straight games with zero goals.

Q: Will you see a more loose Deportivo, less cautious?
A: The situation at the standings makes you be more cautious and try to tie the three points, which is the main thing. Deportivo are not saved yet, the team has to stay the same, working well and above all winning, whether playing good or bad, it is about winning and continuing to score points.

Q: Have you calculated where the salvation will be?
A: Our goal is to get better than last season, which are the 42 points. It’s very far away and it’s complicated, but we want to add the maximum possible points and achieve the goal, I do not care if it is with 30 or 53. The goal is to save ourselves and the sooner the better.



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