20 Apr 2017
Fede Cartabia conceded an interview to La Voz de Galicia, the Argentine playmaker is content with his stage at SC Braga and confessed that he suffers a lot with Depor.

Q: After suffering in Valencia, life smiles at you in Braga.
A: Personally, I have to admit that everything is fine. I had spent some time without playing much and it was a difficult situation. Here, with the passing of the games, I'm taking minutes and I'm finding myself very comfortable. When you play, everything happens faster.

Q: Three goals and two assists in just ten matches. Has anything changed or are you playing as always?
A: The coach places me practically in the outside, with freedom when I have the ball. The true is that I'm feeling very comfortable. That's important and the team wins. Then, if you score or give assists, it is also good, but the important thing is that, on the previous weekend, we won and are tied against Porto. We came from tying a game in which we were winning 3-0 at minute 30 and people were somewhat annoyed with us.

Q: Do you follow Depor? How do you see it? There are worse things here than there.
A: I try to look at the team whenever I can, which is almost always. And it's true, it doesn’t go so well. In Braga I enjoy playing and with Depor I suffer as if I was there. They had very good games and now not so much, but the victory against Malaga was important. I trust my teammates and I know they will get it through. Even if you are far, I live it as if I was there.

Q: If anyone has supported your signing for Depor it has been Lux. Since the beginning he campaigned for you.
A: I know. I know. It's a good friend. My great support, alongside with Jonas, the year I was there. I know I was really looking forward to it and I talked to the people at the club.

Q: It's time to renew him now.
A: I hope he does. He is a great goalkeeper and this year, although he was a substitute for some games, he is giving many points.

"Q: Would you recommend a friend or a rival you've seen in Portugal?
A: What signing would I recommend? None. I'm not into that. With the president renewing Lux I would be settled [he laughs].




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