21 Apr 2017
Carles Gil conceded an interview to La Voz de Galicia; the winger insists that he will be delighted in staying at Deportivo and made a balance of the current situation in la liga.

Q: As the end of the season approaches, itís time to make a balance and think about the future. How do you see it?
A: I've said it many times. I'm very comfortable here. I find myself very comfortable. But you need to be aware that it depends on many things. First, from Aston Villa. You need to talk to them. For now, we are going to wait for the end of the current season to address them and negotiate the possibility of leaving during the summer.

Q: But do you see real options to continue in this club or is it simply a possibility like many others?
A: Yeah right. I see possibilities to continue here. I donít know. I think that, in the end, with a bit of luck, Aston Vila and I came to the same conclusion. Itís possible that it would be well for them to leave, also for me. If so, then all would be much easier. I always repeat it, because it is true, that I am very comfortable here. Deportivo has given me a lot of confidence, both when they bet in me to join and then during the season. Let's see how it all develops.

Q: But on this season you have been revalorized and will have other offers, possibly even higher than the one of Deportivo.
A: It's clear. This is like everything. I have very clear ideas. I know what I want, but itís obvious that my agent is working, receiving calls, listening to proposals and then, when he has everything settled, he will tell me whatís real, what possibilities are in each site, what offers I have. Then I will decide, I insist that Iím clear regarding what I want, but Iíll have to look at everything that may be, I still donít know what I will have.

Q: Having proposals like you have from superiors clubs, the ones that dispute European competitions, what could tie you here and decant the balance?
A: Well, I feel very comfortable. Iíve a season in A CoruŮa. I know the club, the people. They know me. I love these fans. I have been very comfortable during all these months, even during the ones in which I have been injured or when I have not played what I would have wanted. In addition, I think Depor is, right now, a rising club. In spite of having suffered for years, firm steps are taken. The idea is to continue going up and that is noticed in how the club acts and, above all, in the squads that they are making each season, which are improving compared to the previous.

Q: It seems that Richard Barral has already begun to do his job by selling the product to convince you to stay.
A: [He laughs]. Richard is a person very close to the players. He talks a lot to everyone. With me also and, logically, also about these issues. But in particular, about this subject, we talk more about jokes than anything else. About the rest, he has very clear ideas. He knows what he does and that's also a safety for footballers to have a sporting director like that. To verify that in his position there is a serious person who knows how this goes and does his work well, it also encourages you at the moment of making the final decision.

Q: Itís surprising to see you convinced, because you lived a lot of ups and downs during this season.
A: It's true the season has been a bit strange. With many ups and downs. I started playing the first and the third matchday... Then I disappeared. I got injured. I came back. Again, I was injured ... But now with the new coach I think I have found the necessary confidence and I am very comfortable.

Q: Are you clear no about what Mel wants from you?
A: He's always asking me to get in touch with the ball. He knows my characteristics very well, and so when he puts me on the wing, he does it as a false winger. His idea is not to see me attached to the line, but to move towards the centre and participate in the game. He asks me to always be in contact with the ball, but also to work. Itís normal. In a team like ours we all have to run. Itís what he asks to me and I try to do my best.

Q: Did you understand that after the game with Grenada he didnít pick you?
A: Not only I did understand, but I agreed with him. I burst a groin process, which sometimes bothers me more than I wish. And then it was for the best of the team. Previously, I thought I could be 100%, but it turned out that no. But now I think I'm much better. Thanks to the work of the doctors, physiotherapists and Fran Molano, I am recovered.

Q: The victory against MŠlaga was definitive, right?
A: Mathematically not, but neither are we going to be hypocrites and obviate that we have it frankly well. But we donít settle. We want to continue winning games, trying to climb more positions at the standings. Not only to ensure the permanence, which remains as our main objective, but because we want to end the season in a position in line with what I think we should.



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