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25 Apr 2017
Deporís coach analysed the poor game of Deportivo and blamed himself as the team lacked offensive arguments, Juanfran didnít think that Depor played a bad game and apologized for his words in midweek.

Coach Pepe Mel was trying to explain why Deportivo played a bad game, ďWe had several problems having the ball at the feet, we need to work with the association, because itís clear that you end penalised when you stole the ball and in the first pass you commit a mistake. It blocks the output of the ball and it doesnít allow the counterattack. You face many problems when you give the ball to the opponent in the first pass, especially against the teams fighting for Europe. ď

He was also blaming himself for these problems, ďObviously, I am guilty for this situation; we need to give arguments to the footballers, so we can have at least two lines for the passes at the moment of getting the ball. I believe it is what killed us, because we were quickly losing the ball despite we could be stealing it. Itís very difficult to reach the opposite goal if you give the ball to the rival in the first passing attempt that you make. The first half is a summary of all this.Ē

The Madrilenian also analysed the lack of punch of his team, ďI remember that all the attackers were receiving the ball when they were backwards the goal, this means that this is a collective problem. We need collective game in order to break the lines and later the players can show their skills in one-on-one plays.Ē

Mel denied the idea that the team was relaxed as they see the permanence at reach, ďI donít think this was a problem related to the attitude. If I would think that this is the problem, then I would be really upset right now. No, itís a problem of concept. If you face a big rival and can surpass the lines then you end defending all the time, so for me the problem is clear, obviously itís too soon to fix it before Wednesday. With fifteen points in dispute we arenít saved yet.Ē

Juanfran Moreno wasnít thinking that Deportivo played a bad game, ďIt was a narrow loss and truly it was difficult to associate with the team mates, and thus itís complicated to create scoring opportunities, but itís also true that we competed before a rival with clear ideas. We end losing trough a long-distance cross. We competed though we had problems to combine. We cannot say that we didnít compete, maybe the game wasnít pretty for the fans but we only lost 1-0. We didnít have too many chances, but Real Sociedad are fighting to enter Europe and many teams have lost on here. Itís true that we were too thick having the ball and thatís it. It isnít easy.Ē

About his previous words in which he left one the door to a possible exit, the right-back clarified that, ďI am sad, because it isnít my intention to leave. It was never like that; my intention was to tell people that the players are also living a bad moment. The fans are suffering as the things arenít going as we wanted. There were chances to leave in the past and the club knows that I never forced it. If somebody felt like that then I apologize.Ē

Ńlex BergantiŮos didnít think the same and believes Depor played a bad game, ďWe are frustrated, it was a game in which we suffered. We were never able to have arrivals before a rival that was opening the field. We were drowned and were easily losing the ball.  Things changed in the second half, without having fluidity and had a couple of chances in the end. The team faces problems outside home. The good thing is that we didnít concede too much as against Valencia and Sevilla, so we stayed in the game until the end.Ē

The midfielder is aware that the permanence isnít secured yet, ďThe permanence isnít secured yet. We still have to host Real Madrid and have to pay a tough visit to Pamplona, we still have to add points to get it, letís see if we can recover the same level and intensity than against Barca. We need to add, because I am convinced that the teams at the bottom will fight for the safety.Ē

At Real Sociedad, Eusebio SacristŠn explained why his team succeeded in this match, ďIt was a complicate game and we didnít allow their counterattacks and therefore we were spending more time near to their goal, which allowed us to create scoring chances. Later we lacked some determination in the last strike, so we missed the second goal and allowed Deportivo to put more people searching for the last shot and we were forced to defend.Ē 




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