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28 Apr 2017
Depor’s coach was furious with the game of Deportivo and even menaced in using Fabril’s players in the next liga match. The players were feeling frustrated with Andone apologizing for the impression left.

Pepe Mel wasn’t content at all with what he saw, he started explaining the key for the game, “It was a hard defeat for the forms, also for the score. We based our good games against Atlético and Barca in been a compact team, very active, and always knowing that the score is playing in your favour, but if everything falls apart in the first play, then you start playing at their pace, and then you need to try to tie the game, and we did that only in the last twenty minutes of the first part. With the 1-2 it was the game we though and the 1-3 killed us.”

He was asked about the indolence of the players and the fact of allowing a new early goal, “I will like to explain it, but right now I cannot do it. We played against Real Madrid and the fact of not using the same intensity than Real Madrid… as you have less quality then you have to lose, yes or yes, I don’t know the score, but it will happen for sure. We claimed four points against Barca and Atlético, but if in the first play they score then you will hardly do anything before a big team. I am really disappointing for the first twenty minutes in the second part.”

The coach even menaced in using Fabril’s players in the next game against Osasuna, “On Sunday we travel to Pamplona and if Osasuna do something well is to compete, if we are unable to go strong against a rival like Real Madrid… I wasn’t expecting for this. We complicate our life as I think we should have defined the permanence before. We travel with more anxiety to Pamplona, we will be more anxious in tomorrow’s training and I said before that the best thing is to work with a smile, and now I have a lot to do tomorrow. The changing room is a tomb. There are things that can be allowed when you have sixty points, not when you have thirty-one.  We must rethink many things and if I have to travel to Pamplona with people from Fabril, then I will do it.”

He later explained that no punishments will be made with the players, “I am not here to punish anyone, I am here to see Depor saved. So, I must make decisions. These errors are coming from behind, from past years, and when these things happen it is because something is failing. I insist, only when you have sixty points you can stop doing some things. Hopefully Depor will be saved soon and the president and Richard Barral can talk of the future.”

Sidnei was saying that, “It was a tough game for the result. Now we need to work and prepare the game on Sunday. We need the victory. It’s tough when you allow early goals, but we need to stand up as we don’t have time to be feeling sorry. We are professionals and must move forward. There’s no time for complaints and face an important game on Sunday.”

Florin Andone was also commenting the game, “It isn’t easy to loser 2-6, especially at home. It doesn’t matter if it was against Real Madrid. Before the game we didn’t have a different picture than the victory, but we started badly and it was hard. With the 1-2 we were in the game, but when you don’t score then Madrid punishes you. The 1-3 was a big hit and it was difficult then. They deserved the victory.”

The Romanian was apologizing for the poor game by Deportivo, “The public is free to whistle us, because it is true that we aren’t transmitting a good impression and neither the results are good. We must thank the people that come here in every game and I can only apologise for the impression left by the team in these games and nothing more, we will try to give our best in these last four finals. We apologize and leave with the head low, we must accept anything they say.”

Álex Bergantiños was feeling impotent with the display by the team, “We started badly, things were uphill since minute one and allowed Madrid to run a lot and they are deadly there, as soon as they scored the third goal things were impossible, it was too easy for them.”

“We didn’t defend properly in the first play, and since that point the anxiety was stronger, and later they scored the third goal when we were better.  Now the game against Osasuna is important, it will be uncomfortable, but we need to win in any possible way and certify the permanence.” He added.

At Real Madrid, Zinedine Zinade was pleased with his team, "We created a lot of chances in the first half and we failed to materialize all those opportunities. Many of the players who've featured here aren't our regular starters and what they did tonight, in terms of the pace and discipline, was amazing."

"I am here very happy with the performance and everyone's goals. The players that don't get many minutes are also focused and you cannot notice any difference, quite the opposite. They're in shape and they’ve proved it. They're keen to play, I've got a great group here and they're all ready to face up to the challenges that lie ahead and we will have some real cup finals ahead of us from now on.” He added. 




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